Monday, January 31, 2011

Pup Portraits

I am crazy in love with our dogs, and how darling they are all the time!  They are the best pups in the world.  I think jared can agree with me on that :)

can't believe it's monday already.  time to work work work all over again!  hugs and love to everyone

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

some snippets of the last week

where to start... hm.   I know, wedding details!  haha it has been on my brain and to-do list practically everyday the past couple of weeks and i'm happy to say i am loving every minute!  Jared and I took engagement pics a couple of weeks ago.  He was such a good sport smiling and posing, i couldn't have asked for cuter pictures!  Chad was willing to come up and shoot them for us, thank you chad!  and Shanda!  they made a nice visit out of it and brought the girls to play and see the pups. 

I have been putting together invites and crafting decorations and details for the wedding.  (this is the part i love, getting crafty!)  Also got to go down to broomfield to see mom & dad and sneak in a fitting for lynn's mother of the groom dress :)  I am so excited to get married!!

Jared has been busy as ever.  He is picking up as many sub jobs as possible, and continues to coach his c team girl's basketball team.  I was able to watch him coach this last friday when they played at Kersey.  He does such a nice job coaching the girls, he definitely has a different tone and demeanor with them than he does his boys ;) it's good he gets in touch with his feminine side being around them everyday hehe.  they had a tough game with only 6 players to run the court.  they work hard but he could sure use some extra subs the second half of the game!  

Jared has also been working on a pokemon project in the studio (he had this idea back in November and has been dedicated to doing it ever since) he is going to carve all 150 pokemon onto cups!  pretty ambitious project.  but so far the results have been freakin' sweet! 

he has been able to check 9 off the list so far, that leaves..... 141 to go! 

Our pups have been crazy as ever.  playing, running, wrestling, tug-o-waring, eating, sleeping... Halpert feels a little bigger everyday!  and Jared informed me that i missed his first jump from the floor to the futon today!  i'll believe it when i see it lol

i love it when they are sweet to each other :)  

I went back to bikram's yoga today!  thanks to my sweet friend maggie who gave me a month unlimited pass :)  It really kicked me in the butt though, i can't wait to start practicing and get better..  YEY!  i am challenging myself to go as many days as possible - wish me luck!

time for me to put this sore tired butt in bed, 
hugs and love yall

Monday, January 3, 2011

it's a brand new year

holy crap.  it's 2011!!  

happy new year peeps!!  hope yours was fantastic, we enjoyed the eve with many fun activities and pals.  After a full day at kenny's i was the first to leave the dinner shift, which was nice.  unfortunately our typical insane NYE crowd didn't show up with the below zero weather and snowy roads.  but i was happy to get the tables i did and have a rather relaxing fun night at work :)  

Scott & Amanda come over, so did Zach & Nicole.... with their Kinect!!!  and we played sports, adventure, and dance dance which was awesome!! kinda made me want one too, its like your body is the remote and the camera captures everything you do!! it was hilarious fun. 

We have been trying to soak up the last days of jared's break.  he went back for in-service today.  can't believe how fast those two weeks went by!  also can't believe how all the wedding stuff is coming together!  God bless my mom who is sewing all the dresses (even hemming mine) for the girls!  she is an incredible seamstress and i'm so excited about the pattern she found.  it reminds me of a vintage cocktail dress!  i am in love.  look at how brilliant my sisters turned out!!  
and Jared has been scoping out tuxes online and found this classy chocolate colored one, fancy eh?!  I am getting more and more excited for the big day!!  eeek!!  

I am pretty excited for a little down time from the ceramics business (although the etsy shop is still up and running!  and getting more traffic than I imagined!  many thanks to our online customers :)), it will give me some time to spend on other projects especially starting my new scrap book.  i just printed out a years worth of photos, crazy!  it scared me at first but i am getting pretty excited to do new pages and layouts :)  and my goal is to try and write/journal more in my books.... we'll see how that goes.  anything more than a title will be an improvement for me hah. 

the couch is calling my name right now... we have had a hectic night with jared's car battery dying and me having to drive out and jump him, the pipe in our studio freezing :/.... it's time for puppy cuddling and nuggets watching!  

xoxo hugs and love

Halpert meeting snow for the first time, so cute.