Friday, September 24, 2010

coming soon!

we are so so so excited for our fair next weekend, eeeek!  (i might be a little more giddy than jared haha)  and we have new stuff coming with us!  we just cracked open our gas kiln yesterday and there were some real beauties.  here are just a couple of peeks at our latest:

i have also been brainstorming new ways to make our booth as cute and customer friendly as possible :)  i am excited to have our family there too!  Can't wait!!

hugs and love xoxo

Sunday, September 19, 2010

confirmed, we live in biker-ville

we have been listening to the rumbles of motor bikes all day long.  It is apparently the unofficial last "ride" of the season and severance is the spot.  Our neighbors, Bruce's Bar, are having a massive BBQ and the overflow of bikes started creeping into our neighborhood.  pretty amazing sight to see!!

i asked jared if he wanted to go over and check it out... he said no haha we would have stuck out like a couple of misfits!   

instead we are enjoying some football and pizza, GO Broncos!! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

birthday shoutout!

to a very special 24 year old, who is the sweetest fiance ever!!
love you sweet, happy birthday!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

studio sneeks and peeks

just wanted to share some new whimsical 'alice in wonderland' inspired tea party pots!

they are still in the greenware stage and need to be bisqued & glazed - final product will hopefully be just as sweet!  i am pretty excited about combining the goblet form with a handle, i call it, muglet!  successful/awkward??

jared has been busy in the studio as well, but i haven't gotten around to taking pictures.  one thing leads to another and suddenly i am wondering where all the time in my day has gone!  we are certainly staying busy and trying to keep up pot production with our last fair of the season around the corner.  We will be at the 39th Annual Friends Craft Fair in Littleton on October 2nd! 
this may just be our biggest fair yet :)  for more details click here.

have to say we really enjoyed the long weekend.. after working friday and saturday we got to go out with friends on sunday (also had some time to get crafty) and we went to windsor's harvest festival monday morning and spent the afternoon in arvada with the butler fam :) it was wonderful.  

anyone else ready for fall?  i totally am!