Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Yesterday I went to the fountain park in severance with the dogs.  they got a ride AND a walk. 
Yesterday I hoped that my on call shift would not get called in. and it didn't :)
Yesterday I dreamed of summer.  It was so beautiful, i wore shorts!
Yesterday I forgot... to check the mail.
Yesterday I heard Jared signing in the car #cute
Yesterday I read some tidbits while waiting for our food @ Roma's (best pizza ever)
Yesterday I watched season 4 of the office out in the studio.  and some parks and Rec in bed.  (possibly my top 2 favorite shows)
Yesterday I said "I love you"
Yesterday I believed that I can help halpert get over his car riding anxiety!   
Yesterday I felt good about myself after doing my workout video. 
Yesterday I wondered what glazes would look best on my teapots...
Yesterday I bought a Houndstooth coat online that i've been drooling over for weeks, yey for sales! 
Yesterday I cleaned up my sewing table to make room for my next project. 
Yesterday I was me.

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Feeling pretty excited about everything I have been accomplishing in the last month.  ArtHaus has an official facebook page!!  you can click on the link to the right -->
and like us/leave us a comment :)  I'm not going to say how long it took me to put the page together (embarassing) but I will say It was worth it!
We got accepted to our first ever SPRING show!  It is a one day down in Highlands Ranch and there should be a great turnout.  I'm excited to have a show again after the post holiday lull!!
Our etsy exploded yesterday with over a 1,000 page hits!!! INSANE!  I was wondering what the heck happened and found out from a friend that a hooter was featured in an "etsy finds" e-mail - a daily shopping guide put together by the site!  pretty awesome stuff :)

Jared and I have been creating lots of pieces, and agree its about time to get the kiln firing.  Hopefully I will be sharing new beauties in the next week.. (we'll see how much glazing gets done before jared's track season starts!!)

 happy leap year! 
hugs & love

Monday, February 13, 2012

happy sweethearts day!!

Happy Valentine's Day! XO, Etsy from Etsy on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

we hit the big 100

according to blogger this is our 100th post!  feels like an accomplishment, considering the infrequent rocky start this blogging experience began with.  Just had to share my little milestone :)  

We've had a couple productive weeks in the studio and I wanted to share a few lil peeks n sneeks.  This is all greenware, while the clay still has chemical moisture in it & can be easily recycled by adding water...

 a real man mug stein!  this baby is going to hold a lotta liquid. 
 twistie handle teapot
 this little guy is a miniature espresso shot mug - tiny!!  

and for anyone wondering what the canvas color "paint" is on this miniature... I'm going to share one of my secrets that comes in very handy, especially in a studio where the electric heat boards can cause quick and uneven drying (that nobody wants!)  I use a wax resist to seal in all the moisture when i am attaching my handles and added details.  the wax prevents any cracking or separation - even when the thickness of the pieces you are attaching aren't identical, or when one of the two is a little dryer.  It is my special weapon when i am working against time.. or forget a mug drying out in the open lol

And you can see I use it on almost everything!!  It is def. my (foolproof) special trick o the trade! and woot woot for more newlywed mug sets, easter baskets, and citrus colored coasters (trying out new slip colors before doing a custom teaset.. thought it would be best to know what the glaze fired colors are really going to like like under my clear glaze!)
after tonight they will be bisque fired and ready for glazing!

Jared and I just got home from Denver after a night with the Miller & Hammond Fams - great to see everyone and we got to enjoy some of our favorite take-outs for dinner (Abo's pizza & taste of philly) and went to a sweet piano concert, Jon Schmidt!!!  

I have been a lover of piano music my whole life, especially his refreshing modern rock approach to the instrument.  It's really lovely how he arranges his original pieces and mashes up some of his pop song favs.  

and after tonight I think Jared favors Cello music to the piano :) 

I'm ready for a double shift tomorrow and some breaking dawn being released at midnight!!  Twilight Saga Anyone?!!?!  I have watched all the movies this week in preparation, i'm psyched lol

goodnight all
hugs & love

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nuggets Game

Last weekend we got to go to the Nugs Vs. LA Clips at the pepsi center!!!  We had been looking forward to it ever since we got the tix for Christmas (thanks mom & dad!!!)  Our seats were amazing & we got to bring Zach & Nicole with our family 4 pack, perfect!!   I had been contemplating for weeks which jersey I wanted to get from the ladies store and picked Gallinari when decision time came - he just got signed for a 4 year contract, woot!

 me & nicole - we both got Galo jerseys!  in opposite colors :)
 nice & early before the crowds!!  the energy was really amazing, almost a full house
 the boys, jared & zach
Tim Tebow was front and center!!  Rocky was so cute and excited; he got him to sign a football and punted it into the stands.  pretty cool stuff!  only thing that would have made the night better is a Win!!  we were neck n neck the entire game, but couldn't pull it off the last couple of minutes.  Excited to see the re-match in Cali.....

I'm pretty stoked on going to bed after my double today... the plan for tomorrow is to wake up early and make a supply run to denver before work!!  I have been a bit of a slacker and put off some much needed shopping; we need clay, glaze chemicals, and a couple of special slip colors for a custom order i am very excited about :)  Wish there was a ceramics supply store right down the street sometimes.... haha I have friday off this week and I am looking forward to spending the whole day in the studio, yey!!  I think my next post shall be about all of our new creations.. can you say studio sneeks n peaks?!  yess.  

goodnight friends,