Monday, October 31, 2011

Creme Brulee! & one massive clean up

A project I've been dedicating a lot of time to the past 2 weeks has been a very special custom order.   I was so thrilled that our head Chef at Kenny's steak house wanted to add creme brulee to our dessert menu, and wanted me to make custom ramekins for them!  They came out brilliant & I can't wait to see them with creme brulee, on tables!!  Very exciting stuff I tell you.  

Being part of a small non-chain restaurant has its perks, and is a place I feel lucky to belong to.  For almost 4 1/2 years now.. woah!

Here's a peek of what Jared spent a good part of the weekend doing... collecting branches and cleaning up our yard.  So proud to have a man that likes taking care of business & doing a good job!!  

Crazy what damage the snow can do!!  We still need a couple of trees removed by the side of the house... but those will wait for another day :)  

Happy hallow's eve!!  Doesn't really feel like halloween for us, yet.  We plan to celebrate next weekend with friends... so stay tuned for our amazing costumes :)  

hugs & love

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snow day & our new bed

sometimes I don't realize how busy life is... until it s l o w s down for a bit :)  Jared has been doing some of his last projects of the trimester with his kiddos & Coaching his BBall team, Game ONE tomorrow!!  Good luck bulldogs :)  Kenny's has been picking up with every week, holiday season is right around the corner!!  And I have been thinking about the ceramics biz a lot, Very happy to have the etsy shop keeping me on my toes and plenty of shows around the corner!! sometimes I think i need to find an off switch for this job haha!  It can be hard to go from work mode to just Home mode.  But I am learning :)

Today was a nice reminder to take advantage of home time, Especially with Jared having a SNOW DAY!!  We got over 6 inches last night of heavy wet snow, and it didn't let up until mid-afternoon.  It did quite a bit of damage to all the leafy trees, and caused a few power outages in our neighborhoods.  We were very lucky to still have electricity!  The Dogs loved the snowy yard, Bees especially loves to run (and eat) snow.  so cute.  

Also have to share our new amazing bed (my new favorite spot!!)  We are both very happy we got a King Size, now everyone has their own space on the bed!!  even though the pups still like to lay right on top of us when they need some lovin' lol  It gives "Comfortable" a whole new meaning and we are sleeping like babies :)  

Sleepover anyone?!  we gots plenty o room!! haha our bed is the besssst.  
I have been fighting a little tickle of the throat and sinus pressure.  Positive thinking, airborn, and hot tea is what I am hoping will do the trick.  So it's early bed for me tonight!  This is no time to be getting sick, ew.

Hugs and Love

Sunday, October 9, 2011

things that are making me happy right now..

Just thought I'd share some little things that have been making me smile lately...

Jared's excitement about his boys basketball season starting next week!

Getting to bust out my heavy duty wool socks this weekend, it was chilly and amazing. 
also picking out old sweaters and boots from my closet to start wearing again!

on that season changing note, all of our yard plants are turning beautiful autumn colors

 pretty, huh

having friday night off with my man and going to see some fab. greeley art shows.  

someone else who is a clay enthusiast buying the pugmill from our studio, which created a whole new kind of storage space and possibilities!

sweet potato chips, my new obsession.  along with marscapone & black raspberry jam grilled sandwiches, YUM.

our sweet sweet pups.  you knew they'd be on this list...

(a lil side story... Jared trimmed some straggly looking branches off the trees today and Halpert was in heaven collecting them and putting them in his stick chewing spot... he looked absolutely hilarious dragging branches as long as him into a pile lol)

making pretty things in the studio, like whimsical christmas trees, doilies from mom's cedar chest (i am in love), and custom groomsmen steins

(Jared is doing these steins for an awesome guy who found him on etsy, they are going to look amazing when they're finished!!)

thinking about halloween and how awesome our costume idea is this year... need to start thrifting for some of the pieces to our ensembles, note to self.

waiting for a marvelous book to arrive that I ordered online.

and making a new list of goals and to-do's for this week, It's going to be a good one :)  

A big thanks to everyone who came and visited and helped us last weekend!!  Littleton was a huge success and It's because of all of you we get to do what we love, thank you!  We are happy to have the month of October off of shows, we were both starting to miss our typical weekend routines.  lol sometimes it feels like we're just a couple of old married people... er, wait a second. :)  

hope everyone has a great week,
hugs & love