Wednesday, October 23, 2013

That crazy time of year

Is totally here!!  This was the first weekend off after doing 2 back to back shows - the art haus tent has been put away for the the rest of the year and I'm so happy Littleton was the last outdoor show of the year!  I also had fun at the tribune show in greeley - meeting new artist friends and running into collectors who have been using our ceramics for years!!  I always feel so honored when people tell me they have coffee with my mug in the morning :). 
It feels like there is never enough time in the day to create what I want to but it is great that I am so busy with in inventory for our upcoming holiday shows and doing custom work for friends!!  It has been an inspirational season and I feel almost too full of creativity. Jared and I had some of our pieces accepted to a national jurried show this month at a gallery on UNC campus.  Making the cut of included artists gave me a huge confidence boost and I am looking forward to submitting to another show in November! I can't wait to share those pieces, they are being fired this week.
And today was a very happy day in the ArtHaus studio, the backyard door and windows were finally installed!!! They look so so beautiful and the natural light is just amazing.  Not to mention it feels so much bigger now.  I am having to pinch myself because it really feels like a dream having such an amazing workspace.  I am so lucky.
Despite the rain and cold our contractor worked his magic and installed everything in about 6 hrs - it was awesome to watch the transformation!
And now it is time for me to rest up for another week of craziness!  
Hugs and love

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


 I am sure most of you have heard about the devastating Colorado flooding. It has been raining for almost an entire week straight in the foothills of Colorado.  There have been record amounts of water making its way all the way down through the south platte river.  We have been so blessed to be out of harms way, just minutes from the floods and effected areas in greeley and Evans.  My heart goes out to all the families who have been displaced and lost their homes, It is a horrifying thought and I can only imagine the pain of experiencing this devastation.  We wanted to get the word out we are all safe and dry and couldn't be more thankful that we were spared. 

Jared went back to school after labor day this year and is in the newly constructed University Middle School in his brand new classroom.  It is a gorgeous school that has never been used - so exciting for jared to have his own room after spending 3 years on his cart as a mobile teacher going room to room.  It was fun to go in and help prep and organize, we hung art on his walls and I made him some "plants" - the best kind that won't need water and will also never die ;)
Truffela trees!

The kiln I ordered back in July finally came in last week!! She was worth the wait!  It has been such a great feeling getting back to work and firing away the past week, I guess I enjoyed my time off but also realized how much I had missed my process and the excitement of firing!  I am so proud to have such a beautiful piece of equipment in our studio and incredibly thankful to be back making work :)
When I picked her up from my supplier in Denver she fit so cozy in the back of the element, just inches to spare on each side haha!

It is go time for us now to get inventory fired for our show in broomfield this weekend, special orders in the mail, and pieces finished for a ceramic show in October!  This is what I love, lots and lots of pots :)

We also got to celebrate Jared's 27th this weekend!  Despite the rain it was a fun day with some delicious cookie dough ice cream cake, yum!

He is pretty much the coolest guy I know.  ;)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Moving day

Was July 9th!  Although We officially became home owners on July 8th, our closing day.  We cleaned the new house and got it ready for all of our stuff the next day with my parents help!  
It is still feeling a little surreal weeks after, can't believe this place is really ours!!  Moving day was lots of hard work but we had so many helping hands - thanks to our amazing friends and family!!

It was easy for me not to get too sentimental about leaving, you know how much I grew to love severance!  But the fact we were moving to our own (awesome) house made me very happy to be leaving.  
Here are some shots of the new house! The butler abode as I call it is now located 5 minutes away from both Jared's and my work and dangerously close to target and other city shopping! It has been very easy to adjust ;)
We feel incredibly blessed and thankful to be in our new house.  The nesting and set up continues as we are working on the studio and yard - from what I hear home ownership means there is always work in progress ;) 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Busy busy

There has been lots going on for jared and I in the last month, we found a home in Greeley and put an offer on it!  We will be moving in less than 2 weeks and we couldn't be more excited!!!  It is crazy to think we are adult enough to be buying a house, I have to pinch myself to tell if its real haha

This was the day we signed the loan papers! And we've been on cloud 9 since - as for our place right now.... It is a bit of a tornado zone, it's turned upside down as we try to downsize and clean house for the move.  Amazing what 2 people can accumulate in just 3 years, aye yie yie! On top of that I am trying to prepare for being without a proper operating studio until we can get it up and running in the new place.  There have been lots of late nights and hours into fulfilling orders and getting inventory for our first craft show at the end of July - arts picnic! And you know me, I usually work up to the last minute so this is a strange feeling to be preparing over a month in advance lol.  Jared has been making lots of new work as well and we are both ready for the craft show season to begin.  Here's a peak at some of the latest:
And between work, packing, cleaning, and creating we've been fitting in some summer fun and relaxing... I really am lucky to have a husband that gets to spend summers at home! He keeps it real :)
It will be fun to share the new place once we are all moved in, July 9th people!!! Can't wait :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Boulder Boulder 13'

Jared and I spent Memorial Day weekend in Arvada visiting Lynn with Grandma and Grandpa Almond who were in town from SD.  This was the 2nd consecutive year of power walking the BB for me, and I couldn't have done it with better company!!  

Lynn and Ann kept the pace fast and we were thoroughly entertained along the way.  

It was fun to see my Sis and Payton (who did the BB for her first time this year with her Grandma - SO proud of her doing all 10k that little go getter!) before the race - which is pretty awesome considering there are over 55,000 people there.  

Even kept the chik-fil-a cow tradition alive and snapped some photos with my fav. fast food mascots!  
I had such a great time, and fell even more in love with the BB - even though I got a little sick from the heat after the race, boo.  It was a (hot) beautiful day and we got to watch the memorial day skydivers jump in the Buff stadium.  Pretty Sweet!  

It was such a fun weekend to kick off our official SUMMER!  


are the best.  
and I have TWO!

I am one lucky girl :)  
I just wanted to give a shout-out to these wonderful women who constantly support me, encourage me, and care for me.  I am truly blessed to be able to call them mine!!  

Mom's Rule

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Trip to Idaho

At the end of March I was really lucky to be able to take a trip to Idaho.  I drove out with my dad to pick up my mom who flew out a week earlier.  It was so great to visit family I hadn't seen in years and to spend time with my sweet grandparents.  It meant so much to be abel to see them and enjoy some time together, as short as the trip was.  

Also got to catch up with my cousins, uncles, and aunts and made me wish I lived closer to them all!  I have the best family :) 

Love this pic of mom & dad eating little america ice cream cones, you could say it's roatrip tradition!  remember the good old days when they were just 35 cents?!