Saturday, June 29, 2013

Busy busy

There has been lots going on for jared and I in the last month, we found a home in Greeley and put an offer on it!  We will be moving in less than 2 weeks and we couldn't be more excited!!!  It is crazy to think we are adult enough to be buying a house, I have to pinch myself to tell if its real haha

This was the day we signed the loan papers! And we've been on cloud 9 since - as for our place right now.... It is a bit of a tornado zone, it's turned upside down as we try to downsize and clean house for the move.  Amazing what 2 people can accumulate in just 3 years, aye yie yie! On top of that I am trying to prepare for being without a proper operating studio until we can get it up and running in the new place.  There have been lots of late nights and hours into fulfilling orders and getting inventory for our first craft show at the end of July - arts picnic! And you know me, I usually work up to the last minute so this is a strange feeling to be preparing over a month in advance lol.  Jared has been making lots of new work as well and we are both ready for the craft show season to begin.  Here's a peak at some of the latest:
And between work, packing, cleaning, and creating we've been fitting in some summer fun and relaxing... I really am lucky to have a husband that gets to spend summers at home! He keeps it real :)
It will be fun to share the new place once we are all moved in, July 9th people!!! Can't wait :)

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  1. So many congratulations on buying a house!! That is awesome news! =) Happy for you!