Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Livin the life..

pretty much sums up my last couple of weeks!  Had an amazing spring break with Jared.  Just wish we could do it all over again... but! summer is about here :)  less than 2 months.  Is is me, or is this year just a flyin' by?
 Nuggets Game! Row 3 people!!  so amazing to be that close to the action :)
 Rocky, decided to walk up our section lol
only thing that would have made it better is a WIN! 
 we stayed downtown at the curtis hotel, very retro and fun!!  our floor was themed the chick flick floor haha and Jared let me do some girly shopping the next day downtown.  forever 21 at the denver pavillion is just amazing.  simply amazing :)
 and this past weekend was Art Haus' first show of the year!  and It couldn't have fallen on a more beautiful weekend lol.  I had a feeling the forecast would affect the show's attendance but luckily it was time well spent.  I got to spend the night with my mom and dad -- and they were also a huge help with packing up after the show!! 

 I had hoped for a good show and lots of new customers in the Highlands ranch area, but I'm happy the trip involved more than just business.  It was a treat to spend time with my parents and sweet to come home to a hubby and pups that missed me!!  Halpert is the most adorable little guy, he has started napping on the bathroom rug and on occassion we find him curled up in the tub.  such a cute Goofball. 
 My new summer goal is to plant and grow a garden!  I started seedlings last week and already have some sprouts.  I will be back to share progress and hopefully a garden bed design for the yard.  Exciting :)


Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break time!

That's right!  Jared's school has been on break since Thursday.  pretty awesome if you ask me :)  Last week into this week has been filled with lots of sweet rememberings of a year ago this time;  all of the amazing events and people surrounding our wedding!!  Hard to believe one whole year has gone by already.  Doesn't feel like it :)  We shared parts of our one year anniversary together, in between me working.  But we are really looking forward to our mini denver trip the end of this week.  Second honeymoon is what i'm calling it! haha

The past couple weeks have been full of getting projects going and finishing old ones.  Jared is determined to finish a sketchbook over break in order to begin his next!!  It is somewhere close to 5 pages a day and he has been committed to gettin em done.   He also found an old easel in the studio that is taller than him!  He cleaned it and set up his watercolors, what a find.  With the beautiful weather he has started watering and mulching the lawn.  getting ready for that green grass to grow grow grow!  I can't wait for summer.  

I've been dedicated to getting the dogs more independent.  As much as I love their little quirks I have been wanting to help Halpert get over his car riding anxiety for a long time now... and allow both of them to be more social on walks (What i really mean is be less crazy about meeting new dogs).  We have a cute little pond in severance that we have gone and walked everyday for almost 3 weeks now.  And I am happy to report improvements for both of my furry babes.  Amazing what they have accomplished and overcome in just 3 weeks of practice.  I am one proud mama.  

I have also been so thrilled with our Etsy shop and sweet customers.  can't believe how many wonderful people have been supporting us & giving us their business.  Thank you!!  to all of our sweet etsy fans.  WE HEART YOU!  This past week our shop made it's 100th sale, and had a new record of 4 orders in one day.  I love the satisfaction I get from running my own business and taking care of people the way I would want to be.  I love being part of this handmade community.  

 Been excited about customizing more and more of my designs for special orders!!
 cowboy brand mugs!!
 Lorax Platter
 something I made just for me!!  I have been wanting a votive holder for the ledge above our stove.  It's rare i take the time to make something I want lol
 practicing teapots!

And I got Jared to add my new self to the wall - my little nook is feeling more organized and creative than ever.  It's got good mojo :)

One more happy share from my art world!!  I got a couple of pieces into a local Jurried show at the Windsor Severance library!  We went to the opening reception to see all the pieces that made it in, and eat some goodies :)

I'm looking forward to making some real eye catching pieces that I want to enter in even bigger shows!!  I have already scouted out 2 that I want to submit to :)  

Only 2 more days of work then it's time for a little vacay!!  WOO! 
hugs & love

(also, my apologies for only having pics of or relating to ceramics... how lame!  I clearly need to get outta my photography rut!)