Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sale no. 1

YES!  it is true!  we had our first Etsy customer !!! Thank you good people out there with faith in things that have no ratings or sales... now for positive feedback and more customers!  :) I am so excited!

We had a visiting artist in the studio this week; Meredith Host is a friend of Dan's (they met in grad school at RIT) that has had her most recent body of work on display at NCECA in Philidelphia. Very cool ceramic work.  (if you want to peek at her work click here.)  It was a treat getting to hear the conceptualization behind her work and see her mass decorating skills!  very inspirational and great advice as far as managing an etsy shop... and making a business out of yourself/artwork.  It gives me hope for life after graduation and being a potter outside of the studio i "grew up in" if you will ... graduation is so close.  holy shmokes!!

one more week of student teaching for jared (WOOOO)!! and one more week of weaving, glazing, firing, writing a term paper, final creative project, cramming for finals and SALE time for me!!  it's our end of the semester sale and i am really proud of not just my work this semester, but everyone's.  we have all worked so hard and it is going to be our best (and last *sniffle*) sale together. 

It was an afternoon of polishing up pots, and packing them up for the sale.  I was waiting out the rain mostly but being productive at the same time ;)  it really is the beginning of the end! 

close up of my new fav. mug!
and the cutest wet pup in the world...
hugs and loves xoxo

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Virtual Tour

I am pretty excited to be sharing these photos with you!!  They are of my senior exit portfolio which is on display in a brand spanking new gallery space in our arts annex.  Emily and I are the first to put our work on display and it will be up the entire week :)  I am tickled from head to toesies!!  It was a crap shoot monday morning trying to get in touch with the gallery director on campus to coordinate display furniture... which reminds me of other good news!!!!!

the student show was jurried last week and jared and I both got ceramics pieces in!  yey!  it was a lot more competitive this year with almost 300 students entering, but the show is packed full of quality work.  and on the DL jared sold his raku platter before the show was up for 30 min!! does that mean the dean purchased it!?!?  we are excited for the awards ceremony ;)  

this show being up also meant a shortage of stands for emily and i... but it worked out great.  we picked up the leftovers, gave them a new paint job, and borrowed a 14 ft ladder to adjust lighting in the vaulted gallery space.  PFHEW it was a job and a half getting everything set to go, but she is up and running!  flyers are out and we are having an opening reception tomorrow at 4p.m. :)  snacks, good company, and cool pots will be provided!!

a glance as you walk in
button batter bowl, hooters, serving dish 

lace series

close up on the bowls

variations of the pitcher

argyle mug series, with LUSTER embellishments!  (they are pretty sexy haha)

ugly sweater mugs on doily coasters

with all of this going up it took my mind off of final papers, homework, getting ready for the sale, and figuring out where life is going to take us after graduation!! haha back to the stress and craziness... but not until after our reception, life is too good to not stop and take a moment to celebrate, and be happy :) 

and some shots from our weekend being busy in the studio...

It has been a long day and i am feeling oh so so ready for bed... off to dreamland ;)
goodnight and go NUGGETS!!  beat those suns!
hugs and loves ox

Thursday, April 1, 2010

i promised!

sorry for being a little late, but i am keeping my word!  couldn't have been happier with the firing, feels so good to have a month and a half worth of work finally finished.  ahhhh *sigh* enjoy!

and very exciting news;  my friend emily and i are having a week long show together April 12-16.  all graduating seniors are putting their work on display for a week, and the school refers to it as an "exit show"...  but it feel pretty darn awesome!!  (even if it is a requirement) woo!

This week has been really fun having jared around the house and in the studio.   he has been making some pretty exciting new work with his friend brad, they are using plaster baby molds to create clay babies!  it is very crazy to see a clay baby, they are two very creative boys.  

and funny story..  went into wheel throwing today and mike made us sit down to take a pop quiz about the watts a kiln puts out per hr and the chemical composition of clay... among other random clay facts... i was very concerned about my lack of knowledge at this point :/
and then.. APRIL FOOLS!! haha i was so relieved!

and am doing my homework to learn some new fun clay facts :)  any good pranks pulled on you ...or by you?!
hugs and love! xoxo