Sunday, December 6, 2009

almost finals!

the last week has been a little hectic.... after having a lovely thanksgiving holiday with both of the families we came back to hit it hard the last week of real school. monday night was a special arts event where students could set up their work in the clay room for a faculty "sneak preview". jared sold over $200 in platters and mugs to a few of his teachers! and also did a raku demonstration in front of about 15 people. He did an awesome job! (and there will be pictures to follow once i figure out how to upload from the camera mom and dad let me borrow lol ) next came the sale...this was jared's set up on the table

we both worked hours tuesday thru friday, 9-5 selling our pots... and i would say the hard work this semester really paid off. I sold every owl and panda mug on the first day!! and jared had a lot of pricey sales with his popular platters... the biggest of them was a platter that went for $100! very exciting. i also did some last minute projects, kinda of an experiment to see if people would buy them - I made really thin slip slabs with porcelain and colored porcelain, broke them down and sanded them, drilled holes in the pieces, and put a high gloss glaze on them... Wahlah! jewelery
very simple necklace, deerskin leather looped through the holes.
I went to hobby lobby and bought all the jumprings and ear loops for 50% off and less than 5 bucks!

they didn't go over as well as i had hoped but i did sells 2 pairs of earrings and 1 necklace ;) enough to cover supplies and a little extra! We can't wait to total up our price sheets and find out how much we made... yea!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pandas are finished!

One more week until thanksgiving!! which also means one week left with wet clay :( needless to say i was in the studio from 10 o'clock this morning till 7 tonight... glazing trimming working on my neglected hand building project :/ and i still have a lot left to do! Jared took advantage of having saturday off, he was shooting photo assignments and stayed in the studio until 10 o'clock! hard worker on his day off :) but he managed to do a buttload of glazing and made a handful of new platters...

all lined up on the table
we just finished doing some earthquake homework for geology while watching TLC on the couch haha we love Jon and Kate (so sad they there is only one more episode *sniff* stupid JON!) obviously i am a Kate fan. also little people Big world and cake boss! ...we're looking at each other and thinking it's time for bed.. sweet dreams!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

where do my weekends go...

it's sunday night already, boo! feels like time is speeding up and cutting out precious weekends haha. can never sleep in late enough or relax on the couch long enough these days! Jared and I had a busy week, but it was all worth it Friday afternoon!

Jared gave his PTE presentation (not exactly sure what it means) and PASSED!! basically it was months of preparation and hard work paying off - He had to talk for 45 minutes about pretty much everything he has leaned in front of 4 professors.. ah! i think it was more fun for him than anything; getting to show off his work and talk about all of his teaching experiences :) he wasn't even nervous!! haha i don't know how he does it! i am so proud of him; he has worked very hard and i couldn't be happier the stresses of PTE are gone in our lives!

On a more stressful note, work has been getting redicullllous as of lately! i don't know what it is about this chilly weather that is bringing people in for their steaks but my nights have been late and hectic. Friday night was my first night after getting a new computer system put in, and it sure changed things up ringing in orders .. on top of having a buttload of tables!! luckily i had some understanding customers :/ and things should get better after we staff up for the masses and i start understanding technology as it seems to make my life more difficult haha thankfully i still put more into school and have a good month before getting overworked during christmas break :)

Just have a couple weeks left in the studio to work with wet clay :( very sad. so the next 2 weeks jared and i are hoping to bust out our last project of the semester. Although we're not ready for it to be over, we are very excited for the semester sale $$! Dec. 1-4th we are going to be selling our wares with fellow ceramic students in the University Center... Happy to say this semester i have some things i'm actually proud to be selling :) And we might make a good buck or two !

Here are some of the latest:this one isn't fired yet, but you can see how Jared uses actual leaves; rolls them into the platter to get the texture and shape.. nifty!
Platters!Jared did a Raku fire 2 weeks ago for about 7 hours strait, due to the fact he was firing with out a pyrometer! He earned his "ninja potter award" according to Mike because he fired based on the color of the heat and look of the molten glaze - pretty rad stuff and he got some gorgeous platters!!

these are my panda mugs, yey! they are glazed and sitting in the gas kiln waiting to be highfired this week :)
this is a fibers project i finished yesterday; did 2 yards of screen printing!! which took fooooooorrr ever. haha had to rinse my screen twice for every one of those darn deers! but they turned out pretty super cute :) Can't wait to make something out of them

naked deers! haha just kidding this was before they got their colors
final product

screen printing is pretty fun and easy, to think of all the possibilities with my new supplies.... christmas presents!! haha

Friday, October 23, 2009

this is what i do

Here are some of the latest! actually, fresh out of the gas kiln thismorning :) I have to say this is the best "9-5" I love what I do and do it everyday! The following pots are all cone 10 high fire stoneware; food, microwave and dishwasher safe ;)

tumbler and small platter

mixing bowl... or large soup bowl

sugar and creamer set with slip decoration


another one

watering "can"


stout mugs

lace dipped in slip!

owl mugs!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

the haps

life is good! crazy as per usual but i'm busy with the classes i love, so no complaints :)
had a busy night at the steakhouse and just wanted to take a couple minutes to post some of the latest from the studio!jared trimming some tumblers
my latest teapot! gustav (jared says it's russian)
hand-immersion dyed cotton, fabulous!
another ..i'm on a teapot kick hah

just a glimpse!

Monday, August 17, 2009

just the highlights

so.... it's been, a while. to say the least!

It is a weird feeling to see Greeley coming to life again with students moving back. my thoughts, "goodbye summer." Definately a bitter sweet feeling knowing the lazy days are over.. but being back in the studio is going to be incredible :] jared and I actually got to go in for a few hours today to help Mike clean up and organize for next week; despite the dirty work i was still thrilled to be back haha i'm just a nerd at heart who loves school too much.

since i haven't made a single post all summer... i'll recap the besties and my favorite parts. ready set blog lol

the littlest of the sisters is all grown up. kicked off the summer with carlee's graduation and just days after her amazing trip to MAUI!!! got to spend 2 weeks with the fam in paradise and it was soo much fun :) made a lot of awesome memories with the fam, one of the unforgetables was zip lining through the maui rainforest/jungle.. incredible!

beautiful sunset!

"life is like a boxa choclates.. y'neva know what ya gunna get"

yea, we boogie boarded those waves. no big. haha actually they took all of us out and sandwashed us on shore. gaspin for air. it was a BLAST

probably my fav. part of the trip!! snorkeling in the open ocean was something unforgettable, and carlee did it too, fearless!! so did gram and graps, so proud!

just a silly pic of the pup, we put a msucle tee on her and it was just too cute.

my babes <3 this was at his parents house in arvada, hanging out with the fam! and i got to meet some relatives...

his grandparents from S.D. came up Greeley! and got to see our apt.

June 13th, Zach and Nicole tied the not! the boys outside the chapel; scott, jordan, kermit, Jared
me, jared, rusty, lynn
and jared's dad Rusty was the minister, good stuff!

the night before, rehersal dinner! Jared and Zach

being silly, i love this pic

i got to have a couple random visits with paytee pants. went down to broomfiled for an afternoon at the pool which was just the best :) she has more energy and sass than anyone i know!!

i got to sneak into the ceramics studio for a few days in july and make a couple things... i was craving it!! just needed a lil taste of clay to hold me over till fall lol

this was a very random re-cap and i don't have pictures for some things that still need to be on the list:
My birthday, was too fun. got to see the fam and be with friends :) oh, and got the best presents in the world!! my sewing machine!!!! and jared got us cable tv! i think we watched it for a week straight after it was installed lol and i've been busy creating and sewing and loving my machine!

Carlee's birfday! in broomfield with the whole gang. so good to see fam and all be together! and i think she had the most amazing cake in the world!

i'm also happy to say we went to water world this summer! keeping the tradition alive, and it has to be one of the funnest places on earth. i think i was smiling all day, despite the overcast!

best of all i got to spend every day with the most amazing person. absolutely adore him!

that's all for now, more to come hopefully sooner than later!! but this makes me less terrible at blogging right?? lol

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

summer time is here.. yey!

last few weeks have been a little crazy, but all in a good way. where to start.. i'm not really sure lol

finished strong with school, probably one of my best semesters! i took wheel thrwoing, relief printmaking, and weaving - got some shots of all my projects and some of jared's pots too. Got to keep up with all our work to put into senior potfolios (only a year away golly!) it'm sure it'll be a treat looking back on these in a year...saucer set (jared)

folded lip rim tea bowls (jared)
teapot (jared)
plater (jared)
vase (jared)
my painted warp weaving project

bauhaus inspired chair with woven back
i got some pretty cool shots out of the old matress frame with dandelions sprawled all over it

"view finder" color lino cut
"powerline" black&white collagraph
"hop scotch" black&white lino cut
"garden monster" black&white expressive wood cut
honey pot :)
teapot and matching cups
image tranfer coasters.. aren't the butterflies cute!? i love em
i don't know what to call this... pot

In other news it was an awesome weekend, worked friday-monday practically non stop.. well not really but it felt like it. got to sneek down to the ranch for mothers day and stopped by b-town as well :> had a fabulous dinner with the fam and got to see a little lady i haven't seen for a while; miss payton!!

tuesday was my first official day of summer, no work or school! jared and i went out to loveland for some chik-fil-a (our fav) and met up with shanda and the fam at centerra - it was a fun little visit - payton got to meet jareds pup beesley, it was the cutest! we took a walk over to our new apt and got to poke around and pick up our keys. chad also did a little dumpster diving and found us a "new" correl pot set haha funny what people will throw away. i think the best part was checking out the bedroom, walking in with payton as she exclaimed "very nice" lol such a hoot!

us in the harry potter size pantry

jared and i lysoled (yea that's a real word in my vocabulary) just about everything in the apartment last night, cleaned it to our likings and today it all went down. we got some help from jared's buff buddies and moved most of the big stuff in. i'm pretty tired to be honest, i moved quite a bit myself. but unpacking and seeing all our stuff in the new place is worth it!! it's a lot bigger than i remember and cozy.. got that homey feel to it :>

the beesley is even warming up to it, all except the bathroom. i tried to coax her over the threshold last night but we only made it one step inside lol silly girl.

well that's it for tonight, GO NUGS!