Thursday, May 31, 2012

memorial day weekend

This past weekend was so much fun!!!  I had Sunday and Monday off and we got to spend time down in Arvada with the butler fam and Jared's Grandparents who were in town from SD.  

Ann and Lynn had been planning to do the boulder boulder this year and invited me along!  to prepare on Sunday we ate lots of amazing food, including a carbo loaded baked mac and cheese before the race!!  and many desserts... grandpa Dick brought an old malt maker he found at an estate sale for Rusty.  It was in beautiful vintage condition and worked like a dream :)  
We also had sensational angle food dessert and lemon pie... SO Good!
Us girls were up bright and early to get to the Boulder Boulder!!  We drove to an RTD station in broomfield and rode the bus to boulder - It was a brilliant plan by lynn who knew traffic would be mad.  This was year 9 for her doing the boulder boulder!!  She is pretty much a seasoned pro ;)  

 We found our way around the start and had plenty of time to chill and meet up with people from lynn's work before our heat went.  It was fun to see SO many people and the crazy outfits and costumes they decide to wear!!  We all wore our awesome race shirts and collected ideas for coordinating outfits next year :) 

cickfil-a was a sponsor, yea!  they had a ton of cows there, even kid cows!!
 The race was just amazing!  There were so many people and tons of fun things along the way.  And we crossed the finish line arm in arm!!  pretty awesome experience for my fist time :)

the stadium was packed at the end of all the heats!  Shanda and chad did the race too, and I got see her in the stadium after :)  They also put on a memorial day tribute after the elite runners finished the race.  this is pretty embarassing to admit but I think I was more sore than anyone else.  Ann and lynn are awesome!!!  I hope I am in as good of shape when I turn 70!  seriously!!  I should probably to a little more prep next year, other than carbo loading hah

The boys spent the morning in black hawk and we all met up for lunch at the Yardhouse :)  Also got to do a little shopping at the brass armadillo antique mall - They have some pretty cool old treasures!  but after walking 10km I was ready to give my feet a rest lol

So happy we got to spend time with everyone and had so much fun doing the boulder boulder!!  I can see why it is one of the highest rated races in the US :)  already excited for next year haha

hugs and love

Sunday, May 13, 2012

mother's day

So happy I was able to go down and visit my moma close to mother's day!!  We did an early saturday lunch celebration @ Maggiano's and it was wonderful.  So thankful for ALL the wonderful women in my life!! 

It was also fun to see a bunch of mother's being treated out today - Kenny's was full of love and celebration... and an incredible buffet!!  It was a good busy shift and I came home to a sweet hubby that cleaned the kitchen and built a cabinet for our laundry room!  I didn't think I would get so excited over furniture.  I mean, I was excited when about our new bed.  but this cabinet is gorgeous!!  And it is going to make our laundry room so complete!!! Am I a huge dork or do other people think it is fun to start owning pieces of furniture?

  Also, Instagram is my new favorite smart phone app.  It used to be solely for iphone peeps, but in the last month they came out with a version for droid!!  It has been my new favorite way to capture pictures and document the little stuff :)  also posts right to facebook, which is nice for people like me that don't get on and update all the time!  I am a huge fan of instagram... like my rhyme?! 

you also may have noticed.... my hair is gone!  I cut off 10 inches this week and donated to wigs for kids!!  feels amazing to know a little one will have the chance to have hair :)  and I think it was time to change my do - summer is the perfect season to go short!!  

Jared Has one full week left of school!!!  We are so ready for summer.  I told him how excited I was for summer and he asked "why?"  I said "cuz I get to see you all the time!"  he said "yea, We have a lot of fun during summer don't we?" lol... I may not be getting out of school, but I am ready for summer and all that comes with it!!   longer days, and late nights! seeing jared during the days before I go to work at night, planning a couple of vacations!! being outside, working together in the studio, and fun times!  Only thing I think Jared wishes would have happened for his last week is the Nuggets beating the Lakers... that would have meant there would be Nugs games through the end of his year.  They made it pretty darn close!  Sad to see them loose that game 7.  Looks like we are rooting for miami heat now :)

I'm off to bed, Hugs & Love