Saturday, January 23, 2010

back in the swing of things...

happy saturday!!
pretty excited to be going into the studio today; it is jared's first day as studio monitor .. he even has key card access! Mike asked the dean of the art department to let him do it and he is the first ceramics student to ever get the responsibility, pretty sweet if you ask me. and no i will not be taking advantage of him for is studio access haha
our assignment right now is the infamous teabowl assignment... make 50! it changed a little this semester to 25 teabowls and 25 mugs, but i am going to attempt to throw them all in a day. just get in a groove and let it flow. i'm sure i will only get to half or so, but i can dream big!
just wanted to show you some of the weeks happenings :)

Gala is just around the corner! this is jared's 4-part platter wall piece. Raku fired. I can't wait to see this on the wall and at the gala!

Jared still gets to make stuff and demo in his classroom - which is pretty sweet! specially with all his kids watching and googling over his skills :)

i found out my craft swap partner from chicago is an owl collector! how perfect would an owl mug have been?! sadly i was all out so i came up with this screen print that i hope to turn into a pouch or purse... i know it is hard to picture but imagine button eyes and a little bow on her ear lol i will take pictures of how it turns out
i spent a lot of time in the fibers studio yesterday doing prep work for my first weaving. i measured off 12 yards of warp and 4 reels for my weft. *pfhew* it was a LOT of string haha the fun part was getting to dye!!! i got some awesome MX dyes which are really rich and deep, wonderful colors. only bad thing is they are SUPER toxic in powder form. so i wore a darthvador respirator mask when mixing, like a real scientist!! haha fun part was getting to paint them on the warp

I just immersion dyed the weft reels and will rinse on monday!! very excited to see how it all turns out.
i have still managed to get some crafts in through the week - it works out perfect with me at the coffee table sewing and jared playing modern warfare :)

I am really in love with this doily i used! so precious

this purse is one i might just have to use :)
hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! hugs and love

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

spring semester is going to be awesome!

It's only been 2 days and i am getting good vibes already!! love my classes and am so excited to start creating :) Jared is off to a good start too - he really likes his school and has mostly ceramics classes with the exception of a comics drawing class :) so jared! the teacher he is with is a graduate of UNC and went to school with our professor mike, and grad school with him too... small world!

just wanted to post some pictures of my latest crafts that i got to finish before school..

small handbag - "deer" to my heart. I signed up for a craft swap through a blog i love following and i'm thinking this might be a candidate for swaps! i am so excited!! have never done anything like it before but i think it is a brilliant idea.

cupcake cards; the cupcake is screen printed and i added different sprinkles, fabrics, and ribbons to them :)

I also had a scrapbook night with Nicole and got to work on my jared and danyelle book - it is only 9 months behind now haha

I found a great pattern in my wonderful Sewing Calendar for a machine cover - have to say it is the most professional looking thing i have made to date. and i am in love with the folksy print on the fabric <3

another pattern from the calendar; pocket tissue pouch covers! aren't they just too cute?

only adjustment i have to get used to is getting up early! it is nice to start the day off at sunrise but i am out of practice with the whole 7 a.m. business... :/ only nice thing about it is jared and i are on the same schedule, ready for bed by 10 o'clock haha

how is everyone's january?! any fun starts to the year? would love to hear about them!
hugs and love, danyelle

Friday, January 1, 2010

a new decade!

is it really.... 2010?! yes! and I think it is going to be a year full of beautiful new beginnings. 2009 was an amazing year full of adventures, family, friends, love, some growing up, and mostly good memories :) And i thank everyone for their support and love!! I have good news for those who don't know, and apologize to those who found out from other sources than myself and jared.... WE ARE ENGAGED!! and i couldn't be more happy :-D He asked in front of our tree the last night we were in our apt. before sharing christmas with the fam, and it was absolutely perfect. just have to get used to calling him my fiance! Christmas was wonderful, had a nice break from work and got to spend time with my familia, Jared's fam, and Jared :) It couldn't have worked out better that jared's family tradition is doing most of the christmas festivities on christmas eve - a little different for me! But much fun and excitement, specially with the last minute TV and set up!!
Raku platter that Jared gave to Lynn, she had it up on the wall the next day :)
Bees, relaxing. love the dreamy look in her eyes!

Got to spend christmas day at mom and dad's with everyone and had so much fun - also, the reason for the great photos in this post would be my new Powershot Cannon Camera!! thank you mom and dad!!! i am lovin havin awesome photos in a flash, it's almost an extension of my arm, it has been on me everytime i leave the house!

some pots for mom and dad
me, moma, bearie, shannie
got to play with all of payton's new toys! mostly the new kitchen set, but also some coloring :)

we were invited to our professor freind, dan rioz's new years shin dig last night. it was kind of weird being the kids of the adult party, but still adults.... it was a pretty fun night! i would have to say the most fun was the making of our outfits since it was a "duct tape" theme where 2 items of your clothes had to be made out of duct tape! In the making; monday night @ scott's - watching the nugs... loose :( boo
posing haha
My dress! and awesome headband i got at work - we got a little festive and had some fun while working late on the holiday.

jared & me

Scott Jared & Jordie

We also had some time to go to the dog park before i had work. a great way to spend a semi-warm afternoon :) bees made some new pup friends and we had a hoot watching them play.

she was fascinated with this huskey... BFF

jared out throwing the tennis ball

i still have a week to get my goals in line before school starts! wish i could say the same for jared but he is back to work on monday, student teaching!! i will let you in on my first goal, being a better blogger.. we will see about this one!! i am feeling some inspiration an motivation with this new camera ;)