Wednesday, January 13, 2010

spring semester is going to be awesome!

It's only been 2 days and i am getting good vibes already!! love my classes and am so excited to start creating :) Jared is off to a good start too - he really likes his school and has mostly ceramics classes with the exception of a comics drawing class :) so jared! the teacher he is with is a graduate of UNC and went to school with our professor mike, and grad school with him too... small world!

just wanted to post some pictures of my latest crafts that i got to finish before school..

small handbag - "deer" to my heart. I signed up for a craft swap through a blog i love following and i'm thinking this might be a candidate for swaps! i am so excited!! have never done anything like it before but i think it is a brilliant idea.

cupcake cards; the cupcake is screen printed and i added different sprinkles, fabrics, and ribbons to them :)

I also had a scrapbook night with Nicole and got to work on my jared and danyelle book - it is only 9 months behind now haha

I found a great pattern in my wonderful Sewing Calendar for a machine cover - have to say it is the most professional looking thing i have made to date. and i am in love with the folksy print on the fabric <3

another pattern from the calendar; pocket tissue pouch covers! aren't they just too cute?

only adjustment i have to get used to is getting up early! it is nice to start the day off at sunrise but i am out of practice with the whole 7 a.m. business... :/ only nice thing about it is jared and i are on the same schedule, ready for bed by 10 o'clock haha

how is everyone's january?! any fun starts to the year? would love to hear about them!
hugs and love, danyelle

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  1. hi my sweet sister...i sure do love looking at all your projects you really have an amazing talent. i really admire you for it! the cover looks really great and the tissues are cute as you said. i remember the good old days when us girls use to scrapbook...ahhh, memories! it all looks wonderful as always! ps my deer to my heart bag is a great friend at church just perfect in everyway and my roomies are jelous of my sweet owl when we have hot coco!
    i love you sis! xoxo