Sunday, July 31, 2011

We Heart Greeley

Seriously.  this weekend at the Arts Picnic was amazing, and we are so so thankful for everyone who came to see us!  We love the Greeley vibe, all of the people are so kind and warm.  we really felt the love <3  and the Heat!  It was about 95-97 degrees all weekend.  pfhew.  i can't tell you how much we are loving our swamp cooler right now!! 

Even though we got off to a rocky start (literally, we had our back window break on the way home from friday evening set-up :( it was still a great weekend!  And we are so pumped to get back in the studio before Loveland Art in the Park, only 2 weeks away!   

hugs & love

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

that's right! Vegas BABY.  Jared took me out to Sin city the day after my b-day and we had the best time.  We flew in late Sunday night and the strip was a sight to see, all lit up!!  It was also 95 degrees at 11:30 p.m. crazy hot!! we seen a lot of the fun strip sights and walked.... a lot!

 our hotel!  the Excalibur


Another Huge B-day present... (wow i'm spoiled!)  Rusty and Lynn Got us Show tix!!  We we're so excited to see the Cirque de Soleil show LOVE - I am a Beatles fanatic and couldn't wait to hear the music and the show.  It was Unreal, the entire experience.  From the Stage to the costumes to the music and our amazing seats!!! it was unforgettable!
 (i asked to take a pic with lovely Rita meter maid but she said i couldn't.... )

It was all so amazing :)  thank you lynn & Rus!!
we also got in some relaxing at the pool, which was SO hot... but beautiful.

(i forgot my pool hat at the hotel, so sad.  I loved that hat!)
our last night on the town we did a little gambling - It was a rush to sit and play blackjack in the casinos!  i loved it - probably because i had a little lucky streak ;) 
overall, incredible trip.  we stayed up all night on our last night (we had an early morning flight) and we happy to come home to the dags & a nice long nap!  thank you thank you thank you to everyone who made our Vegas adventure Amazing :)  

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Glacier Gorge

So, we have some very outdoorsy friends.  Jared's bestie, Zach is a serious hiker and plans out lots of trips - taking different members of the "hiking forum".  (In order to be in the hiking forum you have to go on one of his hikes and be inducted... nothing too official really, just a very exclusive facebook group for hikers only)  Everyone we know has been on one of Zach's hikes, except us!!  mostly because the outdoor adventures require waking up at disgustingly early hours, long winding car trips (yes i get very carsick) and a days worth of hard physical work.  We finally decided to put all these factors aside and go along on the Glacier Gorge expedition, 2011.  

The group: me, nicole, zack, tyler, landon, jordan, jared
Felt amazing to be up in the mountains surrounded by b e a u t y.  It was breathtaking at some points  especially around the lake. 

We also ran into some conditions that were a little scary - there was too much snow to make it up to the falls without the right equipment (ice picks lol)... most of us were in old tennies with no gloves or poles.  Safety first! 

It was hard work, especially coming down on the snow!  but so much fun, lots of laughs with amazing people :)

Today's Status: Sore.  
hugs & love

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Studio Peeks

My man has been a slip-casting maniac lately.  not only pouring and combining different pieces, but making his own molds too!  in the last couple of weeks he has made a samuri sword, 2 spray paint cans, and a nintendo control panel, old school.  lol 

 these are some new designs i am working on for wedding gifts!  I am in love with the idea and hope they turn out super cute :)

 we had a fun 4th of july weekend spending lots of time outside, in the studio, under our new umbrella and watching fireworks at windsor lake :)  hope yours was just as swell! xoxo
hugs & love