Sunday, January 22, 2012

the happenings

I have been meaning to get on and post about the haps around here for a while now... here's a little catching up for January seems how my last post was all Christmas!! 

Jared Just finished his 3rd week back to school, His Kiddos will be finishing their 2nd trimeseter in early Feb.  He's already getting ready for the next trimester experimenting with projects at home.. He wants to have his kids MAKE the paper for their sketchbooks!!  I have never tried making paper from recycled paper, but i know the look of it is really cool especially when you get different colors in the mix :)  He has a bunch of old printmaking supplies - 2 boxes full of old stretcher bars probably used for screen printing.  So he's going to have the kids turn them into screen trays for creating their paper.  I wanna come to his class lol 

He has also been finding time to work on a new watercolor series.  He is taking Dr. Seuss stories and appropriating them in his own way.. 

I Love these!!  And the Dark little details.. 

He has Also Gotten out in the studio with me this week!  It started with our project on MLK monday - we purchased a slab roller with our sale money at the end of the year!!  and it came shipped in 4 separate boxes.  lol we did a team build on the beast and I can't tell you how amazing it is to finally have this piece of equipment!!  It is different than the ones I have used in the past, but It is really easy to use & adjust the thickness for slabs.  Not like the roller at UNC where it almost took 2 people to remove the long and awkward shams you had to stuff under the table.  I love Ours!!  And Jared is finally able to get to his platter making business :)  He's been creating new designs with colored slips and playing with the idea of making plate sets!  It's very exciting stuff.  Oh yea, and we got a new Stool too!!  I makes throwing and trimming so much more comfortable.  My back is very happy.  
 aint' she a beaut?!

 my new best friend

 a perfect dusty paw lol

We have been enjoying some really nice weather.. haven't seen snow in probably over a month now.  But the wind has been relentless.  Kinda scary actually - the first week of Jan our neighbors had a 35 ft. pine go down in their yard.  They were really lucky it didn't come through any rooms in the house, just the attic.  All I have to say Is I'm thankful it was blowing south that day... 

Mother Nature is one powerful force!!  

We have also been enjoying football and Nuggets - our NUGS are doing amazing right now on the road!!  so Happy they have been playing fantastic team ball and winning games!!  We are so excited to go the clippers game in t-minus ONE week!!! Woot! 
And Lets re-cap what an amazing playoff game the broncos had vs. the steelers!!  Tebow made some really great passes, our defense kicked but oh and OT?!  NO BIG DEAL!!  the one and only play was incredible, I think we were on a high for the rest of the night after that win :)  It was sad to get killed by the patriots, but I can't wait for next season! 

I have been a busy beaver working on some fun new valentine's day stuff!!  Just opened the kiln yesterday and have been photographing, uploading, and editing for the etsy shop.  There are some heart mugs, quote mugs, keepsake gift tags, and of course new hooters :)  One of my favorite new designs is this adorable swirl candy with heart shaped wrapper, awee

pop on over and check out our new face lift!!

I am on the Hunt for new shows this season, and organizing all of our business info from last year... taxes time came too soon lol  

happy Sunday to ya'll!
hugs & love

Friday, January 6, 2012

some special moments...

with very special people!  I was so lucky to have the time off from work that I did - we got to see all our close family for christmas.  It was so fun & I wanted it to last all week :)  

I love both of our families so much it was hard to split up the time, but I realize we are incredibly lucky to have them so close together.. commuting between festivities took us only 35 minutes.  

had lots of fun with these Hammond cuties...
 miss paytie pants
Laney and grammie (she was all smiles!!  such a cutie!!)
we opened lots of fun presents, played with them, had a delicious prime rib dinner!!! watched basketball, played games, colored pretty pictures and had lots of laughs..

 so happy to see this girl!!  it isn't very often but i love my lil carlee.  and guess what?! she's going to be home in colorado all summer!  that was some exciting news :) 
 we found out my robe was a children's size! lol all moma had to do was cut a little off the sleeves and it fit payton :) 

and for the Butler clan!!  We had fun hanging out, watching awesome movies & going to The movies - saw MI: ghost protocal, which was sweet!! and got to meet Dave's new girlfriend who came with!  ate delicious breakfast casserole, monkey bread & pizza, watched the nugg's first game of the season - they kicked butt - and enjoyed some christmas traditions around the yule log and festivus pole :)  

 bees was very relaxed

 boys all got nuggets hats :)

 lynn & I
this pic is actually from thanksgiving.. isn't it a cute shot of the boys, all legged crossed?! and not really enjoying the picture taking? hahaha

I have to say I am one happy girl.  I have some really amazing people in my life and am so grateful to be a part 2 wonderful families.  It makes my heart feel a little swollen :)  

and my favorite of the bunch happens to be my best friend and the most amazing hubby...
  It was such a blast to spend time with you on your winter break.  you make me smile every day, and are the most fun to be around.  love you Jer. 
xo yellski

if you are feeling any of the feelings i am, you want december back.. the magic, the love, that special time of year :) I think i am being a bit sentimental because i took down all of the decorations today.. even though i was thinking to myself i had just put them up lol!  hope your holidays were just as sweet, hugs & love

Monday, January 2, 2012

Thank you 2011

for being a year full of love, fun adventures, and happiness!  You gave us many beautiful memories that will be cherished the rest of our lives, and new opportunities that will continue for us in the new year.  It is with joy we say goodbye to you, and embrace 2012! 
love, Danyelle & Jared

Happy new Year!!!  

I have some holiday photos to share, soon!  but i'll leave you with this lovely new year song..