Tuesday, May 24, 2011

oh sweet nothings

i can't even tell you how much i am looking forward to summer weather...  it has been a week full of rain, wind, hail and storms in colorado.  ugh.  it got my mood a little blue, but things are looking up after rain flurries today!  I WANT SUMMER!  heat, sun, long days :)  i love and want all of it!!!  Even though i was depressed with our weather, the yard loved it.  our dirt patches are transforming into lush green growth!!  i will have to post before and after pics when we are ready to take down the fence, it's really incredible! (but not quite ready for pup traffic yet)

Jared officially did his end of year check out today!  He came home and introduced himself as "summer jared" lol I know he is really happy to have completed his first year teaching - and looking forward to summertime bliss!  Also found out he will be going back next fall and taking on more classes - he will not only have his 7th and 8th grade art but also a 6th grade tech. class and his own homeroom group of kiddos.  pretty exciting stuff :)  For now he is getting ready to do a summer camp through UNC called creative spaces - it is 2 weeks long and the kids will be doing collaborative clay projects!  couldn't be a better medium :) 

one of jared's students gave him an end of year treat, how sweet is this cake?!? 

pretty cute stuff if you ask me!

I have been in the studio just about non-stop.  i reorganized and cleaned, mixed three glazes, did 2 glaze firings, and threw a batch of pots... in the last week :)   and i am so excited to show off some pictures taken with my new graduated vinyl backdrop!!  it is makes every shot look a little more professional, it is just what i needed to kick up our pics a notch!  30 bucks well spent on our professional image ;)

i still need to work on the lighting and framing.... but it is a start :)  can't believe our first show is less than 3 weeks away!!!  and even bigger news;  I am applying to get into madison and main gallery the first week of june!  i wasn't just talking goals last month... I'm doin them.  makes me a little nervous, but in a good exciting way :)

we wish all a happy beginning of summer!  life is beautiful <3
hugs & love

Monday, May 16, 2011

studio peek

hi all!  just snuck out to the studio with my camera to share some of the exciting stuff going on in my little creative world :)  I have been trying to get back to some of the themes and techniques i used in my exit portfolio  - mostly lacework!  I kind of took a break from this tedious process but realize how rewarding it is to see the beautiful effects...

 these still need to be glaze fired, but lace is def. making a come back on my pots!  also tried some new glaze recipes that come out brilliant!  
 i love the rustic burnt around the edges look - has an old feel to it!  and this little wall piece came out with wonderful detail & glaze

yey!  i will be making many more of these to sell at our craft sales this summer :)  

I am also very excited to be doing my first giveaway through a wonderful little blog, the Ive Twines!  Bethany did a great little review about ArtHaus Ceramics and featured some great pics of our stuff.  you can still enter to win an owl mug or magnet set from us over at her blog.  here is the link to check it out :)  thank you Bethany!

Graduation was a blast last weekend, i was so happy to see all my fam and celebrate!  way to go chad!  Gma and Gpa Robinson had the chance to make it up to severance to see our little place which was wonderful :)  We also got to spend mother's day in in Arvada with lynn, rusty, and david!  Managed to fit all of our family in one weekend, love it when that happens :) 
 lil miss
 buff stadium
 the graduate
 Jared carrying payton to the car.. they were so cute and silly together.  def. on the same level lol
and this pic looks so cool - taken by shanda on her iphone!  (i want one)

well that's all for now, hugs and love! xoxo

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

yay for may

hard to believe it is May already!  but we are so excited for summer :)  only 3 more weeks until Jared is done with school!!  and we are celebrating friends and family graduating from college this week!!  So happy to have the day off on friday to go to CSU's graduation ceremony to see chad walk -  Grandma & Grandpa Robinson will be there along with mom & dad, can't wait!! 

Jared's last track meet is on friday too.  the season went by so quick!  I got to go watch him coach at Eaton last night, so cute to see how much the kids love him.  he has a little following that walks around with him :)  

I was very excited to get an e-mail confirmation last week that we made it into the Taste of Fort Collins!!  It will be our first show this summer on June 11th & 12h :)  for all the info and to see what all will be going on here is the link.  the pics they have are amazing & i can't wait to see what it's like!!

I have been messing around photographing pots for summer cards with our show schedule - they are still yet to come as we wait to hear if we get accepted to a couple more big ones :)  but i can't help but show sneek peeks of the cute pics lol

(i'm in love with these watermelon tumblers)

for now i am preparing to get my butt kicked at work this weekend.  HOw is it that graduation & mother's day fall on the same weekend?!  2 of our busiest days of the year, and i'm bartending..  wish me luck ;) 

hugs and love