Monday, May 16, 2011

studio peek

hi all!  just snuck out to the studio with my camera to share some of the exciting stuff going on in my little creative world :)  I have been trying to get back to some of the themes and techniques i used in my exit portfolio  - mostly lacework!  I kind of took a break from this tedious process but realize how rewarding it is to see the beautiful effects...

 these still need to be glaze fired, but lace is def. making a come back on my pots!  also tried some new glaze recipes that come out brilliant!  
 i love the rustic burnt around the edges look - has an old feel to it!  and this little wall piece came out with wonderful detail & glaze

yey!  i will be making many more of these to sell at our craft sales this summer :)  

I am also very excited to be doing my first giveaway through a wonderful little blog, the Ive Twines!  Bethany did a great little review about ArtHaus Ceramics and featured some great pics of our stuff.  you can still enter to win an owl mug or magnet set from us over at her blog.  here is the link to check it out :)  thank you Bethany!

Graduation was a blast last weekend, i was so happy to see all my fam and celebrate!  way to go chad!  Gma and Gpa Robinson had the chance to make it up to severance to see our little place which was wonderful :)  We also got to spend mother's day in in Arvada with lynn, rusty, and david!  Managed to fit all of our family in one weekend, love it when that happens :) 
 lil miss
 buff stadium
 the graduate
 Jared carrying payton to the car.. they were so cute and silly together.  def. on the same level lol
and this pic looks so cool - taken by shanda on her iphone!  (i want one)

well that's all for now, hugs and love! xoxo

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  1. love the lace! glad its making a come back.