Sunday, November 21, 2010


Yesterday was absolutely fantastic.  we had a stress free load with the new Element, there was room to spare!!!  All the cargo space is unreal, YEY

6 tubs full of pots, 3 tables, 3 shelving things, 2 baskets, furniture dolly, 2 boards, and our chair.  quite amazing if you ask me.  

the show was in a very darling and cozy venue with guitarists playing all day long, and there were many crafty ladies with CUTE stuff.  luckily i stayed busy enough to avoid shopping, too much haha.

 jared sniffing the cinnamon sticks i brought for props haha

i feel so so blessed every time we have a successful show.  Sometimes i feel like a lot of odds are stacked against the possibility of being a full-time artist (nowhere near that point yet folks!) but having so much support from wonderful people makes me feel like one day it could happen!  My dreams just keep coming true, and for that i couldn't be more thankful.  Big hugs to everyone who came to see us yesterday, it made my day :D

also have to share my new favorite pair of pots ever made, this little set came out of the kiln blushing lavender!  i am s m i t t e n .  lol

hugs and love xoxo

Thursday, November 18, 2010

super awesome day!

Just had to share some awesome highlights from both jared's and my day!   Guess who won their first basketball game of the season?!  that's right!  bulldog victory!!! i was so caught up in the game it was crazy, they had me on the edge of my seat the whole time!  the teams danced for the lead through the third and fourth quarters - and it came out as a 18-18 tie.  that led to a 3 minute OT where the other team couldn't control their fouling!  to our advantage, we made 8 free throw points, amazing!!  i haven't heard the Bulldog crowd so loud all season!  Jared was an amazing coach and inspired confidence in the boys, i was so proud :)  

 after the win all the boys went in for a cheer at center court, missed that but caught a shot with coach right after.
 final score 26-18 we shut them out in over time!!

I have been busy busy planning and organizing for this weekend and our show at the house soon after.  I was able to get in touch with the editor of the windsor beacon and couldn't be happier they are willing to run info on our Art Haus show at the house in Dec!  Yey for spreading the word!  Also get to go in to unload a gas kiln in the morning with many mugs, can't wait to crack that baby open!!

and there will be raku firing in the morning, :D i am so so happy.  

love and hugs to all!!


Friday, November 12, 2010

oh my stars

We had our first snow of the season on wednesday night!  it was fun to wake up to a winter wonderland outside :)
 it is the perfect backdrop for crafting inside!!  i feel like a little elf making holiday goodies haha!  Was very happy to see these beautiful glazes come out of our kiln!  used some good ole E6000 and they are now super star magnets.
 snowy tree ornaments! 
I love how they turned out, and couldn't wait to share!  there will be plenty more where these came from at the Atlas show next weekend!!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

basketball and studio peeks

hi all!  hope you had a snazzy halloween, we did!! we had no trick or treaters, not a single one which bummed me out a little.  but now we have a bunch of left over candies :)  we had a costume party with our friends and it was a blast, jared was a chicken and i was alice in wonderland
his costume was a full chicken suit!! 

His 7th grade basketball team has already played three games this season, their first one was last thursday and i got a couple shots of them. 

it was a close game!  they were a little scared of the basket the first half, but made a good effort to come back.  they try really hard but have had some tough competition, i hope they can win their next game :)  

i have been busy in the studio, trying to make a good amount of work before our holiday shows!  it's so exciting they are almost here!!  this is a new form, cupcake stand!!  now that it's finished i am wishing i had a glass cover for the top.  i want to make more with bigger areas for the cupcakes
pretty cute if you ask me :)  

i'm also doing a glaze fire at the house this week with a bunch of new ornaments in it, i will be updating the etsy shop with new holiday stuff after the firing, yey!

happy weekend!!