Sunday, November 21, 2010


Yesterday was absolutely fantastic.  we had a stress free load with the new Element, there was room to spare!!!  All the cargo space is unreal, YEY

6 tubs full of pots, 3 tables, 3 shelving things, 2 baskets, furniture dolly, 2 boards, and our chair.  quite amazing if you ask me.  

the show was in a very darling and cozy venue with guitarists playing all day long, and there were many crafty ladies with CUTE stuff.  luckily i stayed busy enough to avoid shopping, too much haha.

 jared sniffing the cinnamon sticks i brought for props haha

i feel so so blessed every time we have a successful show.  Sometimes i feel like a lot of odds are stacked against the possibility of being a full-time artist (nowhere near that point yet folks!) but having so much support from wonderful people makes me feel like one day it could happen!  My dreams just keep coming true, and for that i couldn't be more thankful.  Big hugs to everyone who came to see us yesterday, it made my day :D

also have to share my new favorite pair of pots ever made, this little set came out of the kiln blushing lavender!  i am s m i t t e n .  lol

hugs and love xoxo

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  1. That is awesome and some kind of packing talent! I love your little lavender pots and your new ornaments!! Jared cool your boys won - yeah!