Thursday, April 28, 2011

project: Grass

that is what i am calling the operation going on in our backyard lol.  project grass is 100% jared's labor of love for all of us, mostly the pups.  we went to the home depot and got all of the supplies to fence off half of the yard - and 'even grows on pavement' grass seed.  we'll see about that :)  

2 more days and we should see grass starting to pop up!!  (i hope it does!)
xoxo hugs and love

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

spring is in the air..

 and it is making me so happy! I love this time of year when everything starts to perk up and feel alive again.  we have the most gorgeous trees in our yard and they are blooming like crazy.  there was a little rain storm last night which turned everything a bit greener :)



my hubby is adorable.  he got a new toy this weekend and was like a little kid putting it together.  (think i might need a nurf gun so we can have missions together lol)

(is the backlight on this one epic or what?!)

 he happily struck up as many poses as he could think of.  great photo shoot.
 (jared's teapot)
Seems like all our free time is spent in the studio - love it!!   we have been making about a kiln load a week - kickin' butt you could say.  Jared finished CSAPS last week and it has been glorious!  he put in over 65 hours doing all of the organizing, make-ups, and manwork behind the tests.  so proud of him!!  and happy he has more time on his hands now!  His track team got snowed out last thursday which means a make-up meet tonight and another on thursday,  GO BULLDOGS!
 (mini sauce boats)

I found an old sketchbook from about this time last year and got really inspired by how enthusiastic i was about graduating and doing art full-time - It was really cute to "revisit myself" a year ago - how excited we were to find the severance house that had a studio!!  how amazing it was to own our wheel!!  and how i felt like i had everything in front of me to do anything i dreamed!!  It was just what i needed to be reminded of how amazing my life is, and how blessed I am.  Life is beautiful.

i was also moved by my passion - i lived and breathed my work and time in the studio everyday.  that said i am rededicating myself to clay.  and pursuing getting my work into a gallery!  yey for new goals!!  Jared has been listening to me talk about this for the past year and he asked me what i was waiting for.  I said i wanted to be as good as the people who are in them right now.  He told me none of them are my age, if i wait till i am 'as good as them'  i will be waiting for 20 years.  haha  he is so right.  time to stop being afraid!  

can't wait to see what comes out of our glaze fire tomorrow!  new designs & glazes!!  eeek!
hugs & love

Thursday, April 7, 2011

fun little things

some fun little pics of jared at work coaching middle school track;

i have to admit this meet was freezing cold and i didn't stay for more than an hour.  haha some fan i am.  it was cute to see the kids run and jared walk around the center of the track to coach them on at certain points.  i could hear him telling his boys to pass the guy in front of them!!  

I went to my first live comedy show last weekend - jared, david and i saw the Skalar Brothers at comedy works in denver.  one word; hilarious!  we are big fans of their podcast and to see them live in person was pretty cool.  we had a great time!

cool project that you might like to do yourself;  turn an old frame into a necklace holder!  i can't remember where i saw the idea for this but it is so handy - no more jewelry lying around everywhere.   it's also a space saver just hanging on the wall.  all you need is a frame and some sort of wire, string, or cord to staple across.  30 seconds later you have brilliant necklace holder!

We have been busy busy (on top of work) in the studio.  Jared has been making platters, mugs, and noodle bowls like crazy!  gearing up for the summer craftshow season ahead, it's so exciting :)  i've been experimenting with new glaze techniqes and fresh designs.... I may give a peak depending on how they turn out hah.  
time to fire!

hugs and love
(gotta love a little playtime in the dirt)

Sunday, April 3, 2011


it's about time eh?  we've only been home for 2 weeks now...  since the last post i have been avoiding my computer and catching up more neglected things - organization, cleaning, housekeeping all things that took a backseat to the wedding.  i have been a complete spring cleaning nut!  but clearing the clutter feels so refreshing, just what i needed :)  almost feels as good as the oceanside sea breeze... haha not even close.
 (our patio view!)
 (the harbor)
 (the first day there, had to walk down and get our toes wet)

we went to california for a our wonderful honeymoon !!!  it was the best week ever.  no work, no school, newlywedded right next to the oceanside beach :)  We stayed in mom and dad's timeshare which jared and i agreed was bigger than our first apartment!  haha we could have lived there easily.  it would have been so easy.  seriously.  we felt so lucky to have a great place - close to the harbor, beach, public transport, grocery store, did i mention the beach?! 

fountain in front of the Santa Fe train station

we flew into SanDiego wich was about 40 miles south of oceanside where we stayed.  it was fun finding our way around without a rental;  we caught a city bus to the train station and road the "coaster" train north.  It was a gorgeous train ride - we sat in the upper level of the train and watched the ocean out of one side and the rolling, lush, green hills & homes out of the other side.  (amazing sights for a couple of coloradans!)


we walked all over, saw lots of gorgeous sights, enjoyed the sunsets, played some basketball (in spirit of march madness and filling out our brackets), ate delicious bbq, had a blast at sea world, relaxed in the hot tub, visited the san diego museum of modern art, indulged in local cuisine, adventured across uncharted beach! and possibly took more pictures than (jared thought) was necessary lol 

 the lighthouse in the harbor lit up :) what's the deal with light houses?
 on our way to the grocery store walking on the highway overpass
 dunkin it!

 like a stud.
 sunset!  the boats on the water were beautiful.

 the sea lion show at seaworld
 sharks!  couldn't believe how many they would put in those tanks together. 

 getting sunburned waiting for the shamoo show. 
 thought we were in the splashzone, turned out we didn't get wet at all :( 
 the sea lions were comedians, def. my fav!
 crazy big waves,  we watched surfers take them on!

 crossed a river to get back to the resort!

 and climb these huge rocks. 
 our last night we went out for fancy italian :)
 our server gave us newlywed tiramisou!

 museum visit on our way back to the airport
 jared got to see a real space invader!!!

as sad as i was to leave Cali, i knew we were coming home to our babes!!   i was glad they didn't miss us at all - they were happy as could be at grandma butler's hanging out with uncle bandit. 

It was an amazing trip, and i think i fell in love with california.  maybe one day we'll go back :)  

i'll be back soon with jared's track meet pics!  goodnight, hugs & love xoxo