Tuesday, April 19, 2011

spring is in the air..

 and it is making me so happy! I love this time of year when everything starts to perk up and feel alive again.  we have the most gorgeous trees in our yard and they are blooming like crazy.  there was a little rain storm last night which turned everything a bit greener :)



my hubby is adorable.  he got a new toy this weekend and was like a little kid putting it together.  (think i might need a nurf gun so we can have missions together lol)

(is the backlight on this one epic or what?!)

 he happily struck up as many poses as he could think of.  great photo shoot.
 (jared's teapot)
Seems like all our free time is spent in the studio - love it!!   we have been making about a kiln load a week - kickin' butt you could say.  Jared finished CSAPS last week and it has been glorious!  he put in over 65 hours doing all of the organizing, make-ups, and manwork behind the tests.  so proud of him!!  and happy he has more time on his hands now!  His track team got snowed out last thursday which means a make-up meet tonight and another on thursday,  GO BULLDOGS!
 (mini sauce boats)

I found an old sketchbook from about this time last year and got really inspired by how enthusiastic i was about graduating and doing art full-time - It was really cute to "revisit myself" a year ago - how excited we were to find the severance house that had a studio!!  how amazing it was to own our wheel!!  and how i felt like i had everything in front of me to do anything i dreamed!!  It was just what i needed to be reminded of how amazing my life is, and how blessed I am.  Life is beautiful.

i was also moved by my passion - i lived and breathed my work and time in the studio everyday.  that said i am rededicating myself to clay.  and pursuing getting my work into a gallery!  yey for new goals!!  Jared has been listening to me talk about this for the past year and he asked me what i was waiting for.  I said i wanted to be as good as the people who are in them right now.  He told me none of them are my age, if i wait till i am 'as good as them'  i will be waiting for 20 years.  haha  he is so right.  time to stop being afraid!  

can't wait to see what comes out of our glaze fire tomorrow!  new designs & glazes!!  eeek!
hugs & love

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