Monday, July 28, 2014


Wow what a whirlwind past couple of weeks!! It has been fun filled and eventful - we celebrated one year in the house on July 10th and I can hardly believe it has already been that long.  How the time flys  ... 

We had a fun summer date night at the drive in with the trunk popped on my car and unlimited drinks and snacks from home. Drive-ins are the sweetest makes me wonder why they are so rare!  We stayed and watched both movies in the double feature which made for a late night, the second one didn't end until 2 in the morning!
I went to my girlfriend Jens bachelorette party in keystone last weekend and had a ball at the wine and jazz fest!  It was a silly weekend filled with all my Kenny's girls and lots of laughs :)
There is also a little girl in our family that is almost here... Shanda is going to be induced In one week, unless the baby decides to come sooner!! I got to go down for her baby shower on Friday and it was awesome to see her, my mom, and Carlene 💛💛💛 love them all so much and I can't wait for baby to get here!!!
This weekend was Arts Picnic! Our favorite show of the year.  We had so many new pots and pieces we were excited to show and it was a huge success this weekend!  Thanks to all of our wonderful fans, friends, and family!!! We feel so lucky to be a part of the art community in greeley and very grateful for all the support! We ❤️ You!
Feeling tired and inspired to make some more pots right now, time to get out into the studio :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer So far...

has been pretty rad!  we have been fitting in lots of fun time and outside time and together time, all things I love :)  

I got to do the BB again this year (that makes 3 in a row!) with these fabulous ladies…

Girl Power!
Gma and Gpa Almond were in town all weekend and got to come up to greeley and visit and of course the race was on memorial day.  so much fun keeping the tradition alive - there were some great chik-fil-a cow costumes this year :)

We have had some fun BBQ's with all our pals, nothing better than soaking up the sun and eating some good grilling.  it is so fun to see Ollie grow up with all the guys around.  he wants to be right in the action playing with them!  whether it's soft ball, or water guns, or volleyball he is already getting the hang of chilling with the cool dudes haha

I also had a fun adventure to glen wood springs!  I drove my honda over the mountain to do a craft show called strawberry days in June.  My girlfriend Jen grew up in Glenwood springs so me and my other friend Rachel all stayed at Jen's parents house for the weekend.  It was absolutely beautiful and we had so much fun!!  I am so lucky to have awesome friends that would come to support and help me run the booth all weekend.  It was an amazing trip and we decided to pick a new town every summer and try a new show!  

July 4th weekend mom and dad came up to greeley to go to the Stampede and see Big and Rich in concert with us - It was fun to hangout! and we got to give them a taste of our favorite pizza place in town, Roma.

We also celebrated our one year anniversary in the house last week - how the time has flown!!  

And the kiln will be firing non-stop as we get ready for our favorite show of the summer, greeley Arts Picnic.  It is exciting to have new work that we are both happy with!  Jared has taken his retro video game passion and turned it into amazing cup and plate designs along with really cool 2-point perspective drawings on plates!!

I've been playing around with more deers and doilys and enjoying special orders!  I also got into a local co-op gallery called Madison and Main and am excited to be a part of a local group of artists.  I will get to work the gallery for 3 shifts a month and hopefully get to know the patrons as well :)

It has been a bit of a ramble about everything going on but hopefully this post makes for a good summary!  hope summer is treating you right, hugs and love XOXO

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our backyard...

Is coming alive!! And it's so pretty.  Winter was almost so long I forgot what our trees and bushes look like.  I got to sit in the kitchen reading with the screen door open today and the pups layed out on the porch.  Talk about fantastic.  We are all enjoying this wonderful weather and the revival going on in our own backyard! 
Jared and I had a little date night at chik-fil-a and lowes, he came along to pick out flowers for my pots.  Now there's a cute little flower coner in the yard! 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

 I am so lucky to have the amazing women in my life that I do.  What inspiration, kindness, and encouragement surrounds me and fills my life with love!!  I am forever thankful for my mom and her support and example to me.  This is our first mother's day without sweet Grannie.  She is so dearly missed.  We will always feel her love and happiness surrounding us.  

 to my beautiful sisters, I love you guys!  thanks you for your faithful friendships and all the laughs!!  
 to Lynn and Ann, I am so lucky Jared came with you!  Thank you for raising the man of my life and for taking me in as your own.  Love you so much! 

My heart is full with love for all the incredible ladies in my life, I wouldn't be who I am without you!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Kiln opening days

Are the best!  I got to fire the ole chicken coop last week and realized it has been over 4 years since the last time I fired this kiln... And thought it was my last.  What a treat to be back and reminisce of my old undergrad days.  I am so lucky to have this opportunity!!  I was really happy with some if the results I got and the new techniques that are coming out.  I actually slab built some bowls and added thrown foot rims later -- yep! I took a page out of the jared butler construction book! -- and I am in love with the sweet little crochet flower that is a press mold of a grandma skerjanc doily.  
I am also thrilled to announce our official artist website is up!  We are officially -- it only took me four years to get my act together! -- it is still in the early stages but I am trying to add a little bit more everyday!  

Also a shoutout to my awesome lil sis who is going back to college in one week.  She is in the final stretch only 2 semesters away from graduating with her teaching degree!!  She came up to visit this weekend with mom and dad and it was so great to spend an evening together!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Well hello

I sure have been quiet, haven't I? Well the hiatus I've been on is over at the moment and I would like to start off by saying what a wonderful year it has been so far.  These first few months have flown by.  I have been lucky and honored to be at the university this semester as their resident ceramic artist!  It is such a thrill to be back in an academic environment and working in a large studio of creatives.  I have been working on setting goals for myself and for the ceramic business and I try my best to juggle it all on top of work. Jared has been really supportive of me going into UNC and has even gotten a little inspired himself.  He just spent his spring break busy in the studio making new designs.  
Pretty fantastic!  He is doing lots of slip designs and new mug forms.  I am hoping that some of his new work will be ready for our first shows this year which are only a short month away!! Normally we don't get started until July but this year I am signing up for twice the amount of shows we usually do.  Watch out craft world, ArtHaus is going to break a record this year haha!  I was also really lucky to take a fantastic spring break and adventure to Portland , OR to visit my old roomie Michelle.  It was a blast to be with her again and to experience a new city.  We got to celebrate her birthday, see some sights, and do some relaxing!
Oh and everything was so green!! I couldn't believe how everything was covered in moss, the city was alive!  Michelle lives in the cutest little cottage house in NE Portland.  It was a blast and I can't wait to go out and visit again!