Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Not only was this one of my biggest ceramic accomplishments, but it was also an incredibly flattering custom request.  I was thrilled to have this order from a sweet etsy customer and even more thrilled to see the result all neatly stacked :)  

pretty tasty lookin' ;) 

happy to have them in the post on on their way!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We enjoyed a nice Sunday outside this weekend; glazing in the studio and working on the yard!  Jared put in a beautiful little rock porch area, which he likes to call his "Rock Garden", and it is fantastic.  A much needed change to the dirt patch that was a real eye sore.  He is even more inspired now to do a path to the side gate, and possibly expand by the back door!  yey for pretty riverbed rocks and backyard Zen.  Bees had a blast playing in the hose.  she loves chasing after the stream!  it was cute to watch her play, and get some brother love after :)

 this is one of my new fav. pics of the two of them, so cute.  

we are firing the kiln like crazy getting prepared for Loveland Art in the Park this weekend!!  here is a lil preview of some new beauties you can expect to see :)

 for more info on times & location, visit the show's site here.  and we hope to see you there :)

Hugs and Love

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Today I went to the post office, and put a very special package in the mail.
Today I hoped that work would go by quickly.
Today I dreamed of having our new wedging table! (Jared bought supplies at home depot today)
Today I forgot the clothes in the washer.
Today I heard "I like your banana" haha
Today I read some craft fair applications!
Today I watched the first ep. of eastbound and down, season 2.  hilarious
Today I said "Thank you so Much"
Today I believed that I can make all the pots need to, If i work hard.  
Today I felt A huge relief when my broken window was replaced. 
Today I wondered If i would get sent home early because of the power outage?
Today I bought a tank full of gas. 
Today I cleaned up a massive creamer spill. 
Today I was me.