Sunday, June 17, 2012

father's day shoutout

I know this is technically the day after Father's day... but I had to Give a shoutout to 2 of the raddest Dads I know.  I feel so lucky to have amazing men in my life and appreciate their unconditional love and support, Love you!!

and Happy Father's Day!

I also wanted to share a proud moment last weekend, I was able to go down to Co. Springs for an anniversary lunch - My dad has been with the Boeing company for 25 years and we were all able to get together and celebrate the occasion.  SO proud of the hard working man he is and all he has done for our family!  It is crazy to think he has been working for his company longer than I have been alive, awesome. 

Last night was the reception for an art show at the High Plains Library in Greeley where I got 3 pieces in!  They had 4 jurrors that judged the artwork and 2 of them happened to be Mike lemke & his wife Gaylin!  (he was my professor in college!) It was great getting to see them at the gala and even more awesome I won first in 3-D category (with my teaset) and got a $100 prize, WooHoo!! 

Pretty excited to have got my work in, let alone get awarded!!  sweet.  

As promised here is a glimpse of some of my new beauties coming out of the kiln.  I love this group with the deep blue color... It all started with the doily teapot and I have been building around it since :)  It reminds me a lot of Dutch pottery... If only i was using porcelain!!  

Thanks for letting me share and boast about all the awesomeness in life :)
hugs & love

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

rockies celebration & a studio peek!

wow, can you believe it's june already?! june!!  I know, summer is officially here :D  

I have been training and working on my new Kenny's role the past 2 weeks.  "training?" you ask... why yes, Manager training!!  My boss gave me the promotion last year but didn't have the shifts to give me with our other full time managers.  some vacations overlapped and they finally made it official!  It almost felt like manager boot camp haha I went from a full week of training to my first week of managing the restaurant on my own.  I really enjoy the new responsibilities and wearing my boss pants... turns out people listen to me when I tell them what to do :)  Now that everyone is home from vacationing I am back to my regular schedule and will probably have a managing shift once a week.  Which is a good thing.  I was getting spoiled and chubby eating my free manager meal each shift hah!  and I have also been missing bartending ... glad this week is back to "normal"!

we got to celebrate this weekend with our whole group of friends, It was Scott's b-day and everyone went to a Rockies game on saturday!  

only the first 5 innings were rainy!  and it was a great game!  even though we lost :(  

Jared has been busy in the yard, he has part of it sectioned and fenced off for grass growing!  The seed is laid and he has been nursing it well.  the side that got the special grass treatment last year came in amazing and thick as ever this year.  Exciting to see the yard come together!!  

We are busy busy in the studio preparing for arts picnic less than 2 months away!  yey!!  I love that the picnic is our first show of the season this year :)  our wheel pretty much looks like this everyday of the week:

and I am trying to keep up with etsy, special orders, annnd craft show inventory.  I will have lots to share once pieces start getting glaze fired!!  

hugs and love