Tuesday, February 23, 2010

life is good

I turned in my midterm paper today!  which is a a contributing factor to my uber happy mood :)  feels good after a weekend of being cooped up and writing, enjoying the snow...  jared has also been on a mini break (4-day weekend!) from school!  and he got to sleep in for the first time since school started.  very much deserved.  we also had a date night together; a little thrifting and some good ole grocery shopping,  he makes anything fun :) it's that time in the semester where everything is going on at the same time.. keeps me busy! 

pots getting made... jared's goblets, they are huge!! and awesome!
pots getting fired... electric kiln

pots that need glazing... and more firing

and this is where all the magic happens..

pretty wonderful work space, and i certainly take up every inch of it!! 
and aside from all the clay business i have still been doing sewing projects on the side.  aprons and bows, and this most recent pillowcover
i am very excited to get it stuffed with a pillow and on our couch!  thanks for the doily moma ;)
and a special find from our thrifting tongiht, wooden thread spools!!  they are so cool, wonder how old they are?

i am getting a little late night grumble... time for some snacks and chocolate milk!  
hugs and love xoxo

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

goodmorning, world!

i am in a super mood thismorning!  sometimes getting up early is the best feeling, weird.  not sure i can say it everyday, but i will for now :)  so to start, i have the best fiance everr.  aren't they pretty!!  he surprised me with these lovlies yesterday afternoon, he is so sweet!
(also in the background, our new salt and pepper shakers!  i am satisfied with the amount and speed they shake too, so woo for function and cuteness!)
and as promised, some glimpses from my current weaving:
i told you the colors are fabUlousO!  only about 9 more yards to go haha, in the words of ms. lynn jablonski, i shall weave like the wind!!  Michelle and i did some organizing in the fibers studio last night - about 4 hours of going through boxes and b o x e s of donations.  Perks of helping out lynn:  we got first dibs on the goods!!  i found some Kid Mohair yarn that will be my next project... can you say supersoft scarf?!  yess.  also started a small collection of vintage yarn tags.  i know it sounds a little strange but they were so cool, i had to give them a caring home!  we were so proud of a job well done;
michelle said it looked like a yarn store, haha
also said goodbye to some woodland friends as i sent them off to the Gala - can't wait to see them in the show!

that's all for now, i am off to the studio for a productive day!
hugs and lovess xoxo

Friday, February 5, 2010

some highlights!

Yey for friday night!!  spent with wonderful family in Broomfield and watching the Nuggets :)  here are just some highlights from our past couple of weeks, i figure the pictures can do most of the talking
one of my projects in the studio: making a plaster mold of a crocheted yarn...
and this is the cute little creation that came from my off the wall dream of having a yarn texture.. i am in love.
also, my studio buddy :)  isn't he cute? 


after about 4 hours of rinsing... *sigh* i got these shots with pruney hands.  i cannot believe the amazazazing colors!!!  stay tuned for weaving progress ;)

so this was the final product for my craft swap partner, malorie.  the branch and bow are my favorite part!  she sent me a plush turtle that i just adore :)  goes perfectly with my collection and is by far the most unique.

some little salt & pepper sets, that are waitingto be unloaded from the highfire at the moment, can't wait to see the glazes!!  these were so fun to make i could do a million!!  maybe not that many, but i really enjoyed them.  the hole in the bottom will be stuffed with a cork.  

pup had a play date this week, it was pretty cute.  she met Scott's dogs, Duke and Dutchess.  
and a shot of the birthday girl with her ganddaughter from tonight

and even though it was mom's birthday she surprised me with a special treat... a picture of me throwing when i was just a wee girl scout.  I had totally forgotten about going up to our troop leaders mom's house in boulder to experiment with clay.  probably my first time on a wheel, so neat.  thanks moma <3

and a few special purchases of mine that are too cute to not share... an old thrifted tin for my buttons!  and lemon fabric, eek!!! i am so excited to make something with it!!

life has been busy.. but i am so thankful i get to do what i love, everyday!  here are a couple things to make ya smile, loves and hugs xoxo