Friday, February 5, 2010

some highlights!

Yey for friday night!!  spent with wonderful family in Broomfield and watching the Nuggets :)  here are just some highlights from our past couple of weeks, i figure the pictures can do most of the talking
one of my projects in the studio: making a plaster mold of a crocheted yarn...
and this is the cute little creation that came from my off the wall dream of having a yarn texture.. i am in love.
also, my studio buddy :)  isn't he cute? 


after about 4 hours of rinsing... *sigh* i got these shots with pruney hands.  i cannot believe the amazazazing colors!!!  stay tuned for weaving progress ;)

so this was the final product for my craft swap partner, malorie.  the branch and bow are my favorite part!  she sent me a plush turtle that i just adore :)  goes perfectly with my collection and is by far the most unique.

some little salt & pepper sets, that are waitingto be unloaded from the highfire at the moment, can't wait to see the glazes!!  these were so fun to make i could do a million!!  maybe not that many, but i really enjoyed them.  the hole in the bottom will be stuffed with a cork.  

pup had a play date this week, it was pretty cute.  she met Scott's dogs, Duke and Dutchess.  
and a shot of the birthday girl with her ganddaughter from tonight

and even though it was mom's birthday she surprised me with a special treat... a picture of me throwing when i was just a wee girl scout.  I had totally forgotten about going up to our troop leaders mom's house in boulder to experiment with clay.  probably my first time on a wheel, so neat.  thanks moma <3

and a few special purchases of mine that are too cute to not share... an old thrifted tin for my buttons!  and lemon fabric, eek!!! i am so excited to make something with it!!

life has been busy.. but i am so thankful i get to do what i love, everyday!  here are a couple things to make ya smile, loves and hugs xoxo



  1. This makes me smile :o) and looking at Carlee's blog with her dang cute apron - wiskin' away. I can imagine your picture sitting on your shelf with all your clay creations.. saying this is where it all began.

  2. this is great fun! i'm really excited for you, also glad that you get to do what you love (it makes a huge difference). keep working hard!