Wednesday, February 10, 2010

goodmorning, world!

i am in a super mood thismorning!  sometimes getting up early is the best feeling, weird.  not sure i can say it everyday, but i will for now :)  so to start, i have the best fiance everr.  aren't they pretty!!  he surprised me with these lovlies yesterday afternoon, he is so sweet!
(also in the background, our new salt and pepper shakers!  i am satisfied with the amount and speed they shake too, so woo for function and cuteness!)
and as promised, some glimpses from my current weaving:
i told you the colors are fabUlousO!  only about 9 more yards to go haha, in the words of ms. lynn jablonski, i shall weave like the wind!!  Michelle and i did some organizing in the fibers studio last night - about 4 hours of going through boxes and b o x e s of donations.  Perks of helping out lynn:  we got first dibs on the goods!!  i found some Kid Mohair yarn that will be my next project... can you say supersoft scarf?!  yess.  also started a small collection of vintage yarn tags.  i know it sounds a little strange but they were so cool, i had to give them a caring home!  we were so proud of a job well done;
michelle said it looked like a yarn store, haha
also said goodbye to some woodland friends as i sent them off to the Gala - can't wait to see them in the show!

that's all for now, i am off to the studio for a productive day!
hugs and lovess xoxo

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