Tuesday, February 23, 2010

life is good

I turned in my midterm paper today!  which is a a contributing factor to my uber happy mood :)  feels good after a weekend of being cooped up and writing, enjoying the snow...  jared has also been on a mini break (4-day weekend!) from school!  and he got to sleep in for the first time since school started.  very much deserved.  we also had a date night together; a little thrifting and some good ole grocery shopping,  he makes anything fun :) it's that time in the semester where everything is going on at the same time.. keeps me busy! 

pots getting made... jared's goblets, they are huge!! and awesome!
pots getting fired... electric kiln

pots that need glazing... and more firing

and this is where all the magic happens..

pretty wonderful work space, and i certainly take up every inch of it!! 
and aside from all the clay business i have still been doing sewing projects on the side.  aprons and bows, and this most recent pillowcover
i am very excited to get it stuffed with a pillow and on our couch!  thanks for the doily moma ;)
and a special find from our thrifting tongiht, wooden thread spools!!  they are so cool, wonder how old they are?

i am getting a little late night grumble... time for some snacks and chocolate milk!  
hugs and love xoxo


  1. Yeah on getting the burden of your paper off your back... kind of sets you free. Love the goblets Jared, looks like a well stocked kiln! Love the pillow :o) and you!

  2. i miss that magic place... it looks just as inviting now. the ceramic studios here are in the basement so no natural light.

  3. i found it! i've been looking for your blog forever!