Wednesday, March 3, 2010

thankgoodness for March!


it is going to be in the mid 50's alll week, can you say flip-flops?!  haha maybe only in the afternoons, but still, i have anticipating the warmth for a while now.  hallelujah 
happy to say i have grad announcements and cap&gown ordered!  one task down before more craziness starts :)  and i have good news for those of you who have anxiously been awaiting my midterm paper grade (haha) i got an A-!!!  only 5 points deducted, i was amazed myself!!  and in a very good mood to say the least :D
Jared started at his new school this week.  he is with 5-8th graders at a middle school in loveland.  sadly it is as far north and west as possible in the city, and a much longer commute than before.  poor babe! 
As per regular, some of my latest crafts...
plush birdie toy for bees, she likes it!

and some cards for teachers jared worked with at University
and i have one more bit of exciting news... we are going to be selling online!  I just created our etsy shop this weekend and i cannot wait to get our first update rolling!!  so there are actually things to buy in the shop haha i will withhold the web address for next time, i can't wait to share!!
have a lovely wednesday everyone, 
hugs and love!


  1. That plush birdie is so cute :)
    I love your craftiness!

  2. Hey Wellie... you are so talented... I am happy I found your blog. :)

    I chose your blog for the Sunshine Blog Award... you can check it out and the other nominees on my blog: the crochet café