Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ice and fire

what a morning!  woke up to inches of snow and trees all bogged down with the heavy wet stuff.  it was really peaceful being up so early... sadly i had no snow day but jared did! his spring break started early!  with today off and his job fair the next couple of days he is already on vacay from middle school :)  

i, on the other hand, had to head in to fire the gas kiln ... early start means early finish! 

cone pack in the peep hole

mornin bliss
annnnnd firing today means that tomorrow is like christmas!!  jared and I had about 80% of the kiln space taken up with our pots.... so more like christmas times 5!!!
mmmm can't wait :)  i will take lots of good pictures!
hugs and love, goodnight!


  1. I'm excited to see too!! Weird how this pottery thing runs in the family, you would make Granny Coke proud! Jared enjoy your break - no gaming just spinning :o)

  2. hurray for kiln firing! that sounds really nice right now... i could go for a nice firing of the kiln especially full of good pots!