Thursday, April 1, 2010

i promised!

sorry for being a little late, but i am keeping my word!  couldn't have been happier with the firing, feels so good to have a month and a half worth of work finally finished.  ahhhh *sigh* enjoy!

and very exciting news;  my friend emily and i are having a week long show together April 12-16.  all graduating seniors are putting their work on display for a week, and the school refers to it as an "exit show"...  but it feel pretty darn awesome!!  (even if it is a requirement) woo!

This week has been really fun having jared around the house and in the studio.   he has been making some pretty exciting new work with his friend brad, they are using plaster baby molds to create clay babies!  it is very crazy to see a clay baby, they are two very creative boys.  

and funny story..  went into wheel throwing today and mike made us sit down to take a pop quiz about the watts a kiln puts out per hr and the chemical composition of clay... among other random clay facts... i was very concerned about my lack of knowledge at this point :/
and then.. APRIL FOOLS!! haha i was so relieved!

and am doing my homework to learn some new fun clay facts :)  any good pranks pulled on you ...or by you?!
hugs and love! xoxo



  1. the drawings on plates are great! i want a whole set of dishes with drawings on em!