Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sale no. 1

YES!  it is true!  we had our first Etsy customer !!! Thank you good people out there with faith in things that have no ratings or sales... now for positive feedback and more customers!  :) I am so excited!

We had a visiting artist in the studio this week; Meredith Host is a friend of Dan's (they met in grad school at RIT) that has had her most recent body of work on display at NCECA in Philidelphia. Very cool ceramic work.  (if you want to peek at her work click here.)  It was a treat getting to hear the conceptualization behind her work and see her mass decorating skills!  very inspirational and great advice as far as managing an etsy shop... and making a business out of yourself/artwork.  It gives me hope for life after graduation and being a potter outside of the studio i "grew up in" if you will ... graduation is so close.  holy shmokes!!

one more week of student teaching for jared (WOOOO)!! and one more week of weaving, glazing, firing, writing a term paper, final creative project, cramming for finals and SALE time for me!!  it's our end of the semester sale and i am really proud of not just my work this semester, but everyone's.  we have all worked so hard and it is going to be our best (and last *sniffle*) sale together. 

It was an afternoon of polishing up pots, and packing them up for the sale.  I was waiting out the rain mostly but being productive at the same time ;)  it really is the beginning of the end! 

close up of my new fav. mug!
and the cutest wet pup in the world...
hugs and loves xoxo

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  1. Yeah! I love my little oatmeal mug too, the guy that sits by me said it had a real good feel - and liked the handle. Love your new argile mug, good luck with all your up and coming activities! Love ya moma