Thursday, May 13, 2010

graduation festivities!

i have been wanting to get on and blog all of our fantastic graduation pics for a while now but i have had a really annoying sickness for almost a week.  thank goodness i am finally on meds and starting to see good health in my future... it's about time!  

we kicked off graduation celebrations on friday afternoon down in arvada with the butler fam.  We had a delicious bbq!!! and even more delicious dessert...
lynn picked out a sweet sweet chocolat ice cream cake, it was amazing!!  thank you lynn!
so so gooood!!

we had a fantastic night with everyone, we love you guys!!

ceremony was saturday morning at nottingham stadium.  it was sunny with clear skies, we lucked out!!  and were so happy that nobody had to sit through graduation in crummy weather :)

our art buddies!!  when we were "lining-up" in the gymnasium someone heard that order didn't matter... so we decided to sit together and ignore alphabetical instructions!  haha luckily we didn't look like silly art majors when our names got called.  we all had name cards that we handed to the announcer as we walked onto the stage.  no big deal.  annnnnd i got to sit between jared and michelle :) i was very happy!
it was quite the ceremony, over 1400 names!! and you can imagine the stadium packed with peeps!  we met my fam at the olive garden after a couple quick pics:

(love this one of david and jared)

it was so good to see everyone!!  specially gma and gpa, it has been a whole year and i was so happy they came :)
and everyone one else, of course, we felt a lot of love and support!! love you guys!

now it is summer time! yey!  i am still waiting to enjoy my time off from classes, and back to working more shifts at kenny's... jared has been helping mike with some studio projects and taking care of me in my sickness.  he is a sweetheart. 

hopefully i will be blogging a little more with my new abundance of free time, i love summer!!
hugs and love

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  1. It was a great day! We are so proud of you! Looking forward to seeing a little more of you these days :o)