Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Art happens

When there's free time and less school to be done.... and I am finding myself counting down the days till summer!  We actually got out Jared's school calendar, 38 people.  That's pretty great!  I just wanted to share a mural project jared helped one of his former students with over spring break - it is a senior project required for graduation - and it was done right in our driveway!! 

In the planning and practicing stages - Jared's student Allen had not painted with spray paint before if you can believe it!

After day 1 - just the background
The finished piece!

It was 2 full days of planning, prepping, practicing painting, background, and the precision 2 point to finish the piece! It is on a giant piece of wood and I have never seen a painting of this scale come to life. It was awesome to get to watch the process, see jared mentor on a senior project, and get to know one of his talented kids.  I will be excited to see it displayed and installed in it's final home, although I wouldn't mind it staying at our house :)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring break

In Vegas with my man was just. A. Blast. 

We just got home tonight and I am already missing the strip and sweet sunshine! First off, jared is awesome.  I was so happy to spend some much needed carefree vaycay time together.  

The cool thing about being with someone who loves what you love is you get to have so much fun doing stuff together -- which included visiting the titanic artifacts exhibit, watching the fountains at bellagio multiple nights in a row, and spending a day at the pool and spa!! So amazing and relaxing I could do it all over again haha

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Four years of marriage with my handsome husband.  And it's hard to believe it's been that long!  We enjoyed a nice evening together last night with dinner, a walk, milkshakes and can't wait to keep on celebrating with a full week of spring break ahead of us! Yahoo!  We'll see you next week , Vegas!