Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Art happens

When there's free time and less school to be done.... and I am finding myself counting down the days till summer!  We actually got out Jared's school calendar, 38 people.  That's pretty great!  I just wanted to share a mural project jared helped one of his former students with over spring break - it is a senior project required for graduation - and it was done right in our driveway!! 

In the planning and practicing stages - Jared's student Allen had not painted with spray paint before if you can believe it!

After day 1 - just the background
The finished piece!

It was 2 full days of planning, prepping, practicing painting, background, and the precision 2 point to finish the piece! It is on a giant piece of wood and I have never seen a painting of this scale come to life. It was awesome to get to watch the process, see jared mentor on a senior project, and get to know one of his talented kids.  I will be excited to see it displayed and installed in it's final home, although I wouldn't mind it staying at our house :)

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