Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sneak peaks

Of the latest from the studio... I've been a little quiet on here about some of my ceramic projects lately and it's because I'm dabbling in so many different things and custom pieces at the moment... As soon as I can get something finished it's out the door!  But this last firing of work was full of mostly pieces that will be heading to shows with us this summer. 

Little porcelain bud vases in spring colors

Coordinating doilyness! 
Our first show will be sooner than we thought...
Thanks to the greeley creative district we got a FREE booth space at ArtStir in Denver on Memorial Day weekend! We are headed to the big city and representing greeley :) I am nervous about our first Denver show but also super excited to have the opportunity to do it with zero costs - ah!! It seems like there were several people involved in getting is into this spot so - Thanks for picking ArtHaus whoever you may be!!

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