Monday, December 19, 2011

6 dyas till christmas, it's official

don't believe me?  check your calendars!  

I know, It's almost here!!  I'll be able to relax as soon as I have the last of my ceramics orders in the right hands... nothing like firing right up till the last minute :)  Jared is officially on break too!!  They had a winter party on friday and he got lots of fun goodies from his kiddos.  it's kinda obvious he's loved... and somehow they knew he liked pepsi?!  lol

Had our last show of the season last weekend down in broomfield, which i did without Jared (his A team boys had their tournament! and won 4th place :) but I wasn't short help.. My mom and Shanda came to help me haul our setup!!  So sweet of them to sacrifice their saturday morning..

It was a great show, and for a really good cause!!  The birds of prey received %5 of all sales, and they do amazing work rehabilitating wild birds so they can return to their homes.. they had an "educational team" there on both days of birds that have bad enough problems that they cannot go back into the wild.  very cool to see, and be a part of!!  

Thank you to everyone who came out to see and support us & the cause!!  we love you <3

AND best part was getting to spend time with these cuties..

we went and saw christmas lights, had dinner at their church christmas party, and saw santa!!  It was fun getting to hang with the hammond fam, they know how to have a good time :)

and this weekend was full of bronco fun!  Jared found awesome slippers that are just too much fun, they make me feel like a real fan.  All i need now is a Tebow jersey!  haha

 we went down to longmont to watch the game @ scott and amanda's house - it was fun the first quarter, until things started looking pretty bleak for our usual 4th quarter come back.  bummer... 

Still a good fun time with all our friends :)  
looking forward to having my man home this week, even though i'll be at kenny's every night.  including christmas eve!  jeesh, i'll be happy when Christmas gets here!!  can't wait to see the fams and enjoy some holiday cheer, yea!

hugs and love

Saturday, December 3, 2011

happy anniversary Halpert!

Jared and I figured out this weekend marks the 1 year anniversary from when we got Halpert!!  Crazy to think this little guy has been with us a whole year, and grown so so so much.  I love looking back at his baby pics and seeing what a sweet pup he was... 

and still is!!  
we love you booter!
I wanted to try some Howliday pup portraits, didn't work so well.  At least not getting both of them in the same shot haha. I felt bad putting these guys through the torture of "dressing up"... but they were so adorable, even if it wasn't the most fun in the world.  

 sooo cute!!
And we've been getting a little festive around the house.  it is december after all!!  The snow we've had this week just put me in the mood to decorate.  I added this gorgeous wreath to our decoration collection this year, It looks so pretty on our door :) 
It's beginning to feel a lot like christmas, and It's making me so happy!!  

Also, Elf is one of the funniest movies.  so glad we watched that tonight :)
sending love,

Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thanksgiving!

there is so much to be thankful for!  (everyday of the year!)  I'm happy to be spending time with Jared and the fams, enjoying delicious food, company, and being reminded of all the goodness in my life.  Hope your thanksgivings are wonderful :) 

as lynn would say, "eat too much!" 
I agree.  

oh yes, also have to share our fun from last week.  givin' thanks tim tebow style!!  @ applewood arts in loveland

he's certainly inspiring lots of people, we just like how he plays football!!  keep winning games for the broncos timothy richard. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

back to back

is the story of our little kiln.  4 glaze firings in 2 weeks, pfhew.  I can't tell you how happy it makes me to be creating so many wonderful things!!  that are going out into the world and becoming part of people's homes, cupboards, moments, morning rituals... It really is something that makes me so happy to think about.  and I can't tell you how thankful I am to be passionate about what i get to do every day, makes life wonderful. 

that said, we had a super time at our lil holiday show in Greeley last weekend.  This fantastic lady did an amazing job putting it on and getting the community out!!  Jared and I had a fun day together, Ate DP dough cookies (warm and melty out of the oven), saw old friends!!, and sweet ones that came out to support us (Thank you!), and picked out some extra special gifts.. I can't wait to give them :) 

Display is in tip top shape, all lighted up and ready for Applewood this weekend!!!  I have heard nothing but great things about this show (and its' size) and I'm really excited!  Visit their website for all the info Here...

Until then I'll be getting jared's custom order out the door (the glazes and designs came out perfect!), and organizing/pricing all the new cuties coming out of the kiln :) 

I'm so thankful for Jared, and all of his help.  His weeks are long and hectic with school, parent teacher conferences, and basketball yet, he's still giving up his weekends to come help with shows :)  How I love him, and his heart of gold. 
Jared and I decided we need a netflix account, which has me dreaming of my que and all the flicks i've been wanting to see.  perfect timing if you ask me... I'm about through our DVD collection since putting the old tv in the studio!  (and been through the entire series of BigBang theory thanks to Shanda and Chad)  what better way to spend cold winter evenings??  I'm really excited :)  

hugs & love

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our belated halloween

Late halloween is the best ever!  We originally moved it back a weekend so all our friends would be in town and able to come, but turns out... party prepping when everything is 75% off is amazing!!!  We got some fun decorations, made sweet cupcakes, and I had some fun homemade pumpkins too :)

 getting crafty with modpoge & paper is good for the soul :)  and also meant no gross pumpkin guts!  
 Jared and I made our costume from thrift store finds this year, we were Jesse & James of Team Rocket!!  pokemon villans :) 

yup, I painted my hair for the night!! 
 Scott & Amanda were hippies
Zach & Nicole
Batman & eskimo Princess
Jordie aka Ash Catchem
(also a pokemon character)

Fun fun night & I think we might try and snag a fog machine for next year!! yea! 

I had a 9 hour shift today at Kenny's.. which was a fun time with all the regulars that come in on wednesday :)  gotta say i'm pretty beat and looking forward to getting into bed :)  

Only 3 more days until our first Holiday show of the season!!  Come and See us Sat. Nov 12 @ the Atlas theater, Greeley from 9-4.  It is a fun cozy show with live music, treats & drinks, and over 40 colorado artists.  I love the theme they are tagging for this show "Occupy the holidays"
so true ;)
I'm so excited to deck the halls!!  And get a lil christmas shopping done early too.  maybe we will see you this weekend :) 

hugs & love

Sunday, November 6, 2011

First Home Game of the Season

Last Thursday was Jared's first home game!  I was so excited to see his boys play, and one year later they were looking pretty fantastic.  They ran their plays really well (and made the baskets too!) and ran different defenses while the other team tried to break through - I was impressed with how far they have come :)  It was close in score through the whole game, and on the 2nd to last play the boys lost focus on defense and gave away the lead.  with 1.8 seconds left Jared gave them a inbound play and they almost got a shot off before the buzzer.  SO close.  

It is frustrating to watch them come so close to a win!  But as long as they are having fun, that's all that matters.  even though winning feels pretty awesome :)  

It's so great to see Jared coaching, he does a great job with the boys and you can tell they all love him.  watching them play made me realize the small hole the nba has left in our lives... *sniffle* i miss our nuggets!!  but life goes on, and jared and I think we'll be watching more college ball this season :)

Anyway, i'm happy i got to watch this game.  since i won't be making it to any of his games this week... my work shifts are pretty identical to the game schedule, bummer.  because it was so fun to watch!!

hugs & love

Monday, October 31, 2011

Creme Brulee! & one massive clean up

A project I've been dedicating a lot of time to the past 2 weeks has been a very special custom order.   I was so thrilled that our head Chef at Kenny's steak house wanted to add creme brulee to our dessert menu, and wanted me to make custom ramekins for them!  They came out brilliant & I can't wait to see them with creme brulee, on tables!!  Very exciting stuff I tell you.  

Being part of a small non-chain restaurant has its perks, and is a place I feel lucky to belong to.  For almost 4 1/2 years now.. woah!

Here's a peek of what Jared spent a good part of the weekend doing... collecting branches and cleaning up our yard.  So proud to have a man that likes taking care of business & doing a good job!!  

Crazy what damage the snow can do!!  We still need a couple of trees removed by the side of the house... but those will wait for another day :)  

Happy hallow's eve!!  Doesn't really feel like halloween for us, yet.  We plan to celebrate next weekend with friends... so stay tuned for our amazing costumes :)  

hugs & love

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snow day & our new bed

sometimes I don't realize how busy life is... until it s l o w s down for a bit :)  Jared has been doing some of his last projects of the trimester with his kiddos & Coaching his BBall team, Game ONE tomorrow!!  Good luck bulldogs :)  Kenny's has been picking up with every week, holiday season is right around the corner!!  And I have been thinking about the ceramics biz a lot, Very happy to have the etsy shop keeping me on my toes and plenty of shows around the corner!! sometimes I think i need to find an off switch for this job haha!  It can be hard to go from work mode to just Home mode.  But I am learning :)

Today was a nice reminder to take advantage of home time, Especially with Jared having a SNOW DAY!!  We got over 6 inches last night of heavy wet snow, and it didn't let up until mid-afternoon.  It did quite a bit of damage to all the leafy trees, and caused a few power outages in our neighborhoods.  We were very lucky to still have electricity!  The Dogs loved the snowy yard, Bees especially loves to run (and eat) snow.  so cute.  

Also have to share our new amazing bed (my new favorite spot!!)  We are both very happy we got a King Size, now everyone has their own space on the bed!!  even though the pups still like to lay right on top of us when they need some lovin' lol  It gives "Comfortable" a whole new meaning and we are sleeping like babies :)  

Sleepover anyone?!  we gots plenty o room!! haha our bed is the besssst.  
I have been fighting a little tickle of the throat and sinus pressure.  Positive thinking, airborn, and hot tea is what I am hoping will do the trick.  So it's early bed for me tonight!  This is no time to be getting sick, ew.

Hugs and Love