Monday, December 19, 2011

6 dyas till christmas, it's official

don't believe me?  check your calendars!  

I know, It's almost here!!  I'll be able to relax as soon as I have the last of my ceramics orders in the right hands... nothing like firing right up till the last minute :)  Jared is officially on break too!!  They had a winter party on friday and he got lots of fun goodies from his kiddos.  it's kinda obvious he's loved... and somehow they knew he liked pepsi?!  lol

Had our last show of the season last weekend down in broomfield, which i did without Jared (his A team boys had their tournament! and won 4th place :) but I wasn't short help.. My mom and Shanda came to help me haul our setup!!  So sweet of them to sacrifice their saturday morning..

It was a great show, and for a really good cause!!  The birds of prey received %5 of all sales, and they do amazing work rehabilitating wild birds so they can return to their homes.. they had an "educational team" there on both days of birds that have bad enough problems that they cannot go back into the wild.  very cool to see, and be a part of!!  

Thank you to everyone who came out to see and support us & the cause!!  we love you <3

AND best part was getting to spend time with these cuties..

we went and saw christmas lights, had dinner at their church christmas party, and saw santa!!  It was fun getting to hang with the hammond fam, they know how to have a good time :)

and this weekend was full of bronco fun!  Jared found awesome slippers that are just too much fun, they make me feel like a real fan.  All i need now is a Tebow jersey!  haha

 we went down to longmont to watch the game @ scott and amanda's house - it was fun the first quarter, until things started looking pretty bleak for our usual 4th quarter come back.  bummer... 

Still a good fun time with all our friends :)  
looking forward to having my man home this week, even though i'll be at kenny's every night.  including christmas eve!  jeesh, i'll be happy when Christmas gets here!!  can't wait to see the fams and enjoy some holiday cheer, yea!

hugs and love

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