Sunday, November 6, 2011

First Home Game of the Season

Last Thursday was Jared's first home game!  I was so excited to see his boys play, and one year later they were looking pretty fantastic.  They ran their plays really well (and made the baskets too!) and ran different defenses while the other team tried to break through - I was impressed with how far they have come :)  It was close in score through the whole game, and on the 2nd to last play the boys lost focus on defense and gave away the lead.  with 1.8 seconds left Jared gave them a inbound play and they almost got a shot off before the buzzer.  SO close.  

It is frustrating to watch them come so close to a win!  But as long as they are having fun, that's all that matters.  even though winning feels pretty awesome :)  

It's so great to see Jared coaching, he does a great job with the boys and you can tell they all love him.  watching them play made me realize the small hole the nba has left in our lives... *sniffle* i miss our nuggets!!  but life goes on, and jared and I think we'll be watching more college ball this season :)

Anyway, i'm happy i got to watch this game.  since i won't be making it to any of his games this week... my work shifts are pretty identical to the game schedule, bummer.  because it was so fun to watch!!

hugs & love

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