Wednesday, November 16, 2011

back to back

is the story of our little kiln.  4 glaze firings in 2 weeks, pfhew.  I can't tell you how happy it makes me to be creating so many wonderful things!!  that are going out into the world and becoming part of people's homes, cupboards, moments, morning rituals... It really is something that makes me so happy to think about.  and I can't tell you how thankful I am to be passionate about what i get to do every day, makes life wonderful. 

that said, we had a super time at our lil holiday show in Greeley last weekend.  This fantastic lady did an amazing job putting it on and getting the community out!!  Jared and I had a fun day together, Ate DP dough cookies (warm and melty out of the oven), saw old friends!!, and sweet ones that came out to support us (Thank you!), and picked out some extra special gifts.. I can't wait to give them :) 

Display is in tip top shape, all lighted up and ready for Applewood this weekend!!!  I have heard nothing but great things about this show (and its' size) and I'm really excited!  Visit their website for all the info Here...

Until then I'll be getting jared's custom order out the door (the glazes and designs came out perfect!), and organizing/pricing all the new cuties coming out of the kiln :) 

I'm so thankful for Jared, and all of his help.  His weeks are long and hectic with school, parent teacher conferences, and basketball yet, he's still giving up his weekends to come help with shows :)  How I love him, and his heart of gold. 
Jared and I decided we need a netflix account, which has me dreaming of my que and all the flicks i've been wanting to see.  perfect timing if you ask me... I'm about through our DVD collection since putting the old tv in the studio!  (and been through the entire series of BigBang theory thanks to Shanda and Chad)  what better way to spend cold winter evenings??  I'm really excited :)  

hugs & love

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