Saturday, May 22, 2010

our summer adventure begins!

man does summer feel goooood!  jared and i have been loving our days in the studio, it doesn't really get any better!  going in mid morning and working into the afternoon with 711 runs, hackie-sak sessions, and even a little skate boarding in windsor on thursday.  I tagged along to do some sunbathing and reading on my day off from work!!  I have been lucky enough to fit in some studio time and leisure around my shifts :)

felt good to load up almost a full cart for a bisque!  between brad, jared, and i we will be packing it to the brim, yey!

jared and brad have also continued collaborations; combining jared's mugs and brad's monster feet... creative boys

and i am almost done making a dinner set!  it has been quite a bit of work, making 10 of everything to get a matching set of 6, but practice is always good :)  

this week is going to be full of packing and getting ready for our move to the Severance house!  woo!  we are going to go check it out again tomorrow and i can't wait!  

happy weekend everyone hugs and love xoxo

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