Saturday, June 5, 2010

severance co

our new home!!  we are so happy to be settling into our new house!  that's right, no more one bedroom apt. business... we have  s p a c e ... es fantastic!! luckily we planned the move this past weekend before our classes started, it would have been too much work inbetwix the full days we are workin now.  

we rented a 14 footer and fit almost everything!
 i felt very strong and happy after lifting all of our stuff!

jared on the other hand was a little saddened by all of the stuff... 

(he thought i could have done more downsizing on my wardrobe... )
(i didn't think so)

lil pup new it was a big day, she hopped in my car and was ready to go to the new house!!

yea!  got everything unloaded with a little time to spare, so jared started mowing down the amazon for bees.  it was a little overgrown, but i think jared was excited to be doing yardwork again :)  he has been taking good care of organizing things outside, cleaning up the firepit, and weed whaking around edges.  all the activity meant discovering garter SNAKES!! it freaked me out, but we haven't seen one since tuesday.  i am crossing my fingers they have left to find a new safe haven.  jared did manage to do a little hunting tho... bees ssniffed one out and jared came in with a cinder block (we have no shovel, otherwise that would have been his first choice).  it trapped the snakes tale twice and he put him out of pain with the rake.

my hero!!!
i am so glad he isn't a sissy like me haha

we are still keeping busy getting things organized, but it gets better and better.  the first week flew by with jared starting his summer camp teaching middle and highschoolers he is workin hard from 8-4.  

i was going through car problems early this week and the silver bullet had to get repairs done.  thanks to mom and dad she is back on the road !! :) I was able to go down to b-town for shannie's baby shower, so fun.  chocolate fountain, cute baby clothes, and family, it was awesome!  i also started class this week, i am doing RAKU!!  making a lot lot lot of pots and taking advantage of still being able to fire in the unc studio... i will share pics asap, we are hoping to fire the gas kiln this week.  yesssss

annnd we also have our wheel in our studio!! feels so cool to be able to say!!! we are really happy and thankful to be setting up our own place to keep making art, it is a dream come true. i will have to do a virtual tour when everything is a little more put together :)

hugs and love xoxo have happy weekends!


  1. wow! this is great! i'm very excited for the two (three) of you! hope that all continues to go smoothly and you continue to learn and grow together!