Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a little bit of happy news

hey everyone - just had to give some happy news about annual conference and how awesome it was!  jared and i were so happy to be there, showing off our artwork, meeting lots of peeps, and selling a bundle of chalices!  couldn't have done it without the sweet hook ups from rusty, thank you!!  and thanks to all of his supportive friends :) It was great to hang with both of our fams and take a vacation from the studio (and kenny's!).   

this was our setup, homemade banner and all ;)
and, handbuilt shelving unit, thanks dave!  i thought it looked like a picture frame for the goblet sets, perfect.  
more goblets 

and a little more happy news... on thursday morning last week jared had an interview with university schools for a part-time middleschool art teaching position.  . . . ... he nailed it!!  and i am so proud and happy to say he has a job!!  officially accepted the position yesterday :D  he is like a real grown up now!  his own classes and own curriculum ... own desk!  He is super excited, and already telling me his lesson ideas.  I am just as excited and happy for him!! 

I am taking my last undergrad class this week, it is bittersweet!!  I am sad that it is almost over, but happy to be getting that degree :)  the class is PMC, stands for precious metal clay.  It is really cutting edge jewelry technology -  clay that turns to fine silver when it is fired!!  i think i am in love.  it is pretty amazing stuff and i am enjoying working with it (not as much as real clay!!).  hard to wrap my head around it turning to metal after firing though....  we are doing 5 projects in the week long class and it feels like they are flying by, sadly. 

fine silver earrings!!  so cute!  i did the wire wrap and everything ;) 

during my jewelry affair the last two days i have missed being in the studio with jared and brad who are working hard on new projects!  I am crossing my fingers to not get called into work and have a little free time for throwing tomorrow... I am having withdrawls!  hah 
hugs & love xoxo

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  1. Wellie...you are so freaking talented and I am so proud of all the hard work you do! I'm looking forward to a possible fruit bowl for my birthday! :) and I have a roommate that is a huge jewelry girl...her birthday is coming up soon! I was wondering if you still had some of your leather bound necklaces or earrings I could buy for her birthday? just let me know!!! I love you sister! I'm sorry we don't talk as much as we should! But I love you so so so very much!