Saturday, January 23, 2010

back in the swing of things...

happy saturday!!
pretty excited to be going into the studio today; it is jared's first day as studio monitor .. he even has key card access! Mike asked the dean of the art department to let him do it and he is the first ceramics student to ever get the responsibility, pretty sweet if you ask me. and no i will not be taking advantage of him for is studio access haha
our assignment right now is the infamous teabowl assignment... make 50! it changed a little this semester to 25 teabowls and 25 mugs, but i am going to attempt to throw them all in a day. just get in a groove and let it flow. i'm sure i will only get to half or so, but i can dream big!
just wanted to show you some of the weeks happenings :)

Gala is just around the corner! this is jared's 4-part platter wall piece. Raku fired. I can't wait to see this on the wall and at the gala!

Jared still gets to make stuff and demo in his classroom - which is pretty sweet! specially with all his kids watching and googling over his skills :)

i found out my craft swap partner from chicago is an owl collector! how perfect would an owl mug have been?! sadly i was all out so i came up with this screen print that i hope to turn into a pouch or purse... i know it is hard to picture but imagine button eyes and a little bow on her ear lol i will take pictures of how it turns out
i spent a lot of time in the fibers studio yesterday doing prep work for my first weaving. i measured off 12 yards of warp and 4 reels for my weft. *pfhew* it was a LOT of string haha the fun part was getting to dye!!! i got some awesome MX dyes which are really rich and deep, wonderful colors. only bad thing is they are SUPER toxic in powder form. so i wore a darthvador respirator mask when mixing, like a real scientist!! haha fun part was getting to paint them on the warp

I just immersion dyed the weft reels and will rinse on monday!! very excited to see how it all turns out.
i have still managed to get some crafts in through the week - it works out perfect with me at the coffee table sewing and jared playing modern warfare :)

I am really in love with this doily i used! so precious

this purse is one i might just have to use :)
hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! hugs and love

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  1. Hey Daughter of mine, so good to see your creative week. I don't know how you find the time! I have a vision of the owl :o) and I have a cool square doily I'll bring up to you when we go to the Gala - It would be grrrreat to see it used after being in a box for 10+ years. Jared your platters rock! Love ya!