Monday, March 31, 2014

Well hello

I sure have been quiet, haven't I? Well the hiatus I've been on is over at the moment and I would like to start off by saying what a wonderful year it has been so far.  These first few months have flown by.  I have been lucky and honored to be at the university this semester as their resident ceramic artist!  It is such a thrill to be back in an academic environment and working in a large studio of creatives.  I have been working on setting goals for myself and for the ceramic business and I try my best to juggle it all on top of work. Jared has been really supportive of me going into UNC and has even gotten a little inspired himself.  He just spent his spring break busy in the studio making new designs.  
Pretty fantastic!  He is doing lots of slip designs and new mug forms.  I am hoping that some of his new work will be ready for our first shows this year which are only a short month away!! Normally we don't get started until July but this year I am signing up for twice the amount of shows we usually do.  Watch out craft world, ArtHaus is going to break a record this year haha!  I was also really lucky to take a fantastic spring break and adventure to Portland , OR to visit my old roomie Michelle.  It was a blast to be with her again and to experience a new city.  We got to celebrate her birthday, see some sights, and do some relaxing!
Oh and everything was so green!! I couldn't believe how everything was covered in moss, the city was alive!  Michelle lives in the cutest little cottage house in NE Portland.  It was a blast and I can't wait to go out and visit again!  

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