Wednesday, October 23, 2013

That crazy time of year

Is totally here!!  This was the first weekend off after doing 2 back to back shows - the art haus tent has been put away for the the rest of the year and I'm so happy Littleton was the last outdoor show of the year!  I also had fun at the tribune show in greeley - meeting new artist friends and running into collectors who have been using our ceramics for years!!  I always feel so honored when people tell me they have coffee with my mug in the morning :). 
It feels like there is never enough time in the day to create what I want to but it is great that I am so busy with in inventory for our upcoming holiday shows and doing custom work for friends!!  It has been an inspirational season and I feel almost too full of creativity. Jared and I had some of our pieces accepted to a national jurried show this month at a gallery on UNC campus.  Making the cut of included artists gave me a huge confidence boost and I am looking forward to submitting to another show in November! I can't wait to share those pieces, they are being fired this week.
And today was a very happy day in the ArtHaus studio, the backyard door and windows were finally installed!!! They look so so beautiful and the natural light is just amazing.  Not to mention it feels so much bigger now.  I am having to pinch myself because it really feels like a dream having such an amazing workspace.  I am so lucky.
Despite the rain and cold our contractor worked his magic and installed everything in about 6 hrs - it was awesome to watch the transformation!
And now it is time for me to rest up for another week of craziness!  
Hugs and love

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  1. So glad to hear you guys are doing well. I've got another bug in my brain for custom work from you - I'll email sometime...right now I'm too busy with christmas (as I'm sure you are, too)