Tuesday, September 17, 2013


 I am sure most of you have heard about the devastating Colorado flooding. It has been raining for almost an entire week straight in the foothills of Colorado.  There have been record amounts of water making its way all the way down through the south platte river.  We have been so blessed to be out of harms way, just minutes from the floods and effected areas in greeley and Evans.  My heart goes out to all the families who have been displaced and lost their homes, It is a horrifying thought and I can only imagine the pain of experiencing this devastation.  We wanted to get the word out we are all safe and dry and couldn't be more thankful that we were spared. 

Jared went back to school after labor day this year and is in the newly constructed University Middle School in his brand new classroom.  It is a gorgeous school that has never been used - so exciting for jared to have his own room after spending 3 years on his cart as a mobile teacher going room to room.  It was fun to go in and help prep and organize, we hung art on his walls and I made him some "plants" - the best kind that won't need water and will also never die ;)
Truffela trees!

The kiln I ordered back in July finally came in last week!! She was worth the wait!  It has been such a great feeling getting back to work and firing away the past week, I guess I enjoyed my time off but also realized how much I had missed my process and the excitement of firing!  I am so proud to have such a beautiful piece of equipment in our studio and incredibly thankful to be back making work :)
When I picked her up from my supplier in Denver she fit so cozy in the back of the element, just inches to spare on each side haha!

It is go time for us now to get inventory fired for our show in broomfield this weekend, special orders in the mail, and pieces finished for a ceramic show in October!  This is what I love, lots and lots of pots :)

We also got to celebrate Jared's 27th this weekend!  Despite the rain it was a fun day with some delicious cookie dough ice cream cake, yum!

He is pretty much the coolest guy I know.  ;)

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  1. So glad you guys are okay!

    Also, happy belated birthday to my baby cousin!

    (love the truffela trees...and the owl mugs)