Thursday, April 7, 2011

fun little things

some fun little pics of jared at work coaching middle school track;

i have to admit this meet was freezing cold and i didn't stay for more than an hour.  haha some fan i am.  it was cute to see the kids run and jared walk around the center of the track to coach them on at certain points.  i could hear him telling his boys to pass the guy in front of them!!  

I went to my first live comedy show last weekend - jared, david and i saw the Skalar Brothers at comedy works in denver.  one word; hilarious!  we are big fans of their podcast and to see them live in person was pretty cool.  we had a great time!

cool project that you might like to do yourself;  turn an old frame into a necklace holder!  i can't remember where i saw the idea for this but it is so handy - no more jewelry lying around everywhere.   it's also a space saver just hanging on the wall.  all you need is a frame and some sort of wire, string, or cord to staple across.  30 seconds later you have brilliant necklace holder!

We have been busy busy (on top of work) in the studio.  Jared has been making platters, mugs, and noodle bowls like crazy!  gearing up for the summer craftshow season ahead, it's so exciting :)  i've been experimenting with new glaze techniqes and fresh designs.... I may give a peak depending on how they turn out hah.  
time to fire!

hugs and love
(gotta love a little playtime in the dirt)

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