Saturday, November 6, 2010

basketball and studio peeks

hi all!  hope you had a snazzy halloween, we did!! we had no trick or treaters, not a single one which bummed me out a little.  but now we have a bunch of left over candies :)  we had a costume party with our friends and it was a blast, jared was a chicken and i was alice in wonderland
his costume was a full chicken suit!! 

His 7th grade basketball team has already played three games this season, their first one was last thursday and i got a couple shots of them. 

it was a close game!  they were a little scared of the basket the first half, but made a good effort to come back.  they try really hard but have had some tough competition, i hope they can win their next game :)  

i have been busy in the studio, trying to make a good amount of work before our holiday shows!  it's so exciting they are almost here!!  this is a new form, cupcake stand!!  now that it's finished i am wishing i had a glass cover for the top.  i want to make more with bigger areas for the cupcakes
pretty cute if you ask me :)  

i'm also doing a glaze fire at the house this week with a bunch of new ornaments in it, i will be updating the etsy shop with new holiday stuff after the firing, yey!

happy weekend!!

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