Thursday, October 21, 2010

ooooh october

halloween is almost here!  crazy how fast october is flying by...  I am very excited because i think we will actually have trick or treaters this year!  I haven't gotten to hand out candy (obviously, there isn't a lot of traffic in apartment buildings ha) and i can't wait to see cute kids and costumes, yey!  we decorated the porch :)  purple lights!  and a lil pup in the window wondering what i was doing outside. 

i still need a costume though... i was thinking about going to arc for some great find/inspiration.  any ideas?  also.  pumpkin carving is def. going down.  it's going to be fantastic :)

i did a little baking a couple days ago;  cheezy sourdough biscuits!  they are delicious and even easier than the bread was, no rising required!  

I have been keeping busy working in the studio and at kenny's - not a whole lot of anything new :)  Jared is a busy man!  he is about to finish a trimester with his kids and they are working on clay projects.  He also Started coaching 7th grade boys basketball this tuesday! They even have a Sat. morning practice to get ready for their first game next thurs.  they are just diving right into the thick of it!  He does office work in the mornings and runs scoreboard for football when he can.  He loves school and staying busy with all of the job juggling :)  

i did a little photo shoot to get ready for advertising our christmas show at the house, just had to share how cute they turned out!

peppermint and cinnamon!  gets me feelin festive lol
hugs and love


  1. those biscuits look wonderful! i found the dress form in a dumpster by our apartment... crazy stuff in dumpsters here in Chicago!