Thursday, October 7, 2010

sourdough bread!

i completed one of my goals, yey!  and it feels so rewarding to bake something form scratch - did anyone ever think i would make bread?!  for the non believers, i was right there with you.  i thought bread was something to be left for the experts.  but honestly it was incredibly fun and semi-easy.  it took 3 days to get the yeast and dough just right... but look at these pretty loaves!
are they perfect... nope!  but they sure are tastey!  and i have a full book of recepies to try different stuff.  baking and fall go very nicely together, i am hoping to try a new creation each week.  and i am also excited to reconnect with the sweet woman who gave me her cookbook.  i think it's my turn to share... pots :) 
hugs and love

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